ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

Structures Plus (Open Source)
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orionsun  [developer] Jul 25, 2016 @ 8:53pm
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Fuzz Levingston Jul 26, 2016 @ 9:22am 

Venez découvrir ce serveur dédié aux survivalistes architectes en herbe !

XPx2 ; Tamingx5 ; Harvest x12 ; StructureMultiplierx5 ; StructureResistance x 100

9 mods afin d'améliorer vos structures et renforcer le PVE , sans perdre l'esprit Vanilla : Structure Plus, Corrected Structures, Rounded Walls, Ark extra doors, Roofing plus v0.01, Pipes and Cables, Auto Torch with Timer, Snappy Saddles, Pub Mod et le célèbre Mod Annunaki Genesis !

Téléchargez tous les mods en 1 clic ici :
Discord : arkitects-france
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Sandy Jul 26, 2016 @ 9:21pm 
East Coast Gaming PVE Server 80XP/50H/90T

Player and Dino Stats Increased
Player Level 180 and Dino Level 600
Mods: PG's Bulk Crafters, Egg N Poop Collector, Annunaki Genesis, Resource Crops, Death Helper, Metal with Glass, Structures Plus, Tactical Tek Armor and More, Photon Sentry N Rifle.

IP Address:
Game Port: 18315
Hawky For Life Jul 27, 2016 @ 6:55am 
Please take your time to join us here the link
Broken Doll Jul 27, 2016 @ 1:31pm 
TheCenter TheSpecialHell PVE 10XP/8G/10T

Player level 200 with extra engrams!
Three GM's on at all different times so someone should be online to help whenever you need.
One steam powered balloon free to every tribe (balloon can carry passengers and hold up to 3000 lbs of cargo), just ask Raven to spawn you one. Stargates on every continent plus you can build your own! We are happy little nerds from New England on a happy little server so come join us and have some fun!

Ark Advanced
Engrams and Levels
Advanced Architecture
PG's Bulk Mod
Middle Ages
Boat Pipes
Egg & Poop Collector
Corrected Structures
Glass & Metal
Killraths Conquer the Ocean
Solar Panels
Morecraft Ark II
Platforms Plus
Redwoods Anywhere
Stargate Atlantis
Behemoth Wall Mod RB
Stacks Larger
Reusable Tools
Versatile Rafts
Pillars Plus
Medieval Tavern
Structures Plus
Fearless Jake Jul 28, 2016 @ 10:20am 
Hey there i just rented a new server, i call it Currently the server is PVE will remain PVE untill there is a solution to mixin a PVP arena or mod where tribes can decide to basicly go PVP with each other, leaving other players in PVE mode.

Server is recently wiped, we try to make this less as possible

Server IP:
Port: 27135

High Difficulty Setting - this is a survival game after all
x 10 xp Rate
x 7 Resource rate
x 12 Taming Rate
Light Food & Water Drain
Higher Breeding & Mature Times
Longer Days Than Nights
Enough Engrams Points For All Current And Future Items (including mod items)

My favorite tweak on this server are the beacons, they give very good stuff and are a good resource, the beacons give modded stuff, chances of finding the dreammaching rifle with 5 bullets in the white beams is 20%. Auto torches in most of the beacon drops, blue beacon gives the fast growing redwood tree, green beacons give the "platform plus" redwood platform. No beacon mod, just manually configured for the perfect balance!

Dragons are rare, indominus rex are rare, no spawning in anything.

Admin has a base but will never engage in PVP or spawn in stuff for anyone else. Period.

Mods installed on this server:

Please subscribe to the mod collection below before you join the server:

More info on, full game.ini and gamesettings.ini can be viewed there.
babussy Jul 28, 2016 @ 6:50pm 
TheCenter TheSpecialHell PVPVE 10XP/20G/17.5T (Player stats slightly boosted)

Tryed to raid the admin and got banned for no reason i didnt even kill them, the owners cheat all the time.
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Hawky For Life Jul 29, 2016 @ 1:42pm 
Welcome to our Server Please take your time to look through as this server might be for you
BanHammer Jul 30, 2016 @ 8:41am 

PROFESSIONAL Server - PVE-Dedicated 50xTame 25xEverything Else & MODS


This is a personally owned box.. It is not rented or shared like 99% of these other servers, so why is this important?

1. It is STUPID fast
2. We do not shard Hard drive space and ram like the rest of these servers
3. We only go offline to do updates
4. We have complete control of the server
5. We do not have to "Buy Slots" (this is a sign of a cheap server)
6. We are PROFESSIONALS not amatures that have no clue what they are doing

Xeon E3-1270 V3 Processor (sick fast)
64 GB Ram
All SSD Drives ( 4x 512gb drives )
2x 1GB Ports on unmetered bandwidth
Juniper Pro DDOS/SYN Protection
15 Redundant Backbones in Dallas. Direct Link to the Atlantic Nap! (Fast for Euro Players)

StackMeMore (Huge stack sizes)
Ark Fog Remover (No Fog!)
DPs Tranqulizer and Sniper Rifle (Better taming)
Indominous Rex Nemesis (Wild Spawns)
Meat Spoiler
Better Lights (works great)
FerratsPanels_v2.0.2c (Solar Power, who needs gas?)
Structures Plus (Holy crap this thing works good, replacing CS with this)
Big Walls
Vitaberries(5000) (Amazing healing for you and dinos)
GateMod (Much better doors)
Glow Rails (excellent mod)
Ark Advance 10 (Very cool mod)
Extra Ark (Great Addition)
Ark Futureism (Love the turrets)
Floating Foundations (no more ground issues!)
Seven's Spoiler and Grinder (Trank Arrows are fast and easy now)
Big Walls! (lovin it!)

ALL MODS ARE SAFE AND STACKABLE, insurance that updates will not break our servers

And a ferw other mods.

It is PVE only.. Sorry squeekers (LOL)

I am still looking for a few GOOD admins...

To qualify you must be:
21 or older
Have you own Internet
Have Skype and a Mic
Be able to dedicate at least 4 hours a day

Find me on Steam or Ingame to Apply

Look forward to seeing you in game!

We also offer a similar PRIVATE server, it is 5$ a month to get whitelisted (we are not charging to play the game) we are charging 5$ to have access to our server which is running the game. This insures:

1. No randoms building and leaving
2. No trouble makers
3. NO WIPES! (Unless Ark requires changes to the base maps and we have no choice)
4. You know the people your playing with are adults, responsible and decent players.
5. Access 24/7, never have to wait for a slot to open
6. Limited population (whenm a server hits 30 people) we will put another up.

We ARE the best!, come see why!


The Staff at LDS!
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EdibleD20 Jul 31, 2016 @ 9:44am 
EcKo PvP [Valhalla] [x4gatherx6Tame] Moded
PvPvE Server!

Valhalla Map
x4 XP
x6 Tame
Perma-Tame Titanosaur
Can Be flagged as PvE Tribe if thats your thing
Increased Engrams
Max Lvl Wild Dinos 180
No offline Raiding allowed
Admin Log enabled

TEAMSPEAK 3 Supplied

Facebook Group
Reddit Page

Mod List:
*Valhalla Alpha Spawn
*Difficulty 6
*Aku Shima Storage Options
*Aku Shima RWT Standalone
*Aku Shima JSG Standalone
*Aku Shima Taming
*Aku Shima Electronics
*Many New Items
*Tavan's Trough
*Industrial Grinder
*The Middles Ages
*Tavan's Vaults
*Big Raft
*Improved Spyglass v1.13
*Cooking Extras
*Corrected Structures || Engrams to replace Vanilla || No collision checks! v0.9
*Advanced Architecture Mod
*Pillars Plus
*Small Dragons
*Platforms Plus
*Tameable Titanoboa
*Structures Plus
Excelsior[DDZ] Aug 2, 2016 @ 6:15am 
Introducing server "DDZ Ark Wars(Season 1)"

-The Center map (Annunaki)
-PvE with a final PvP week

-Max player per tribe: 4
-XP Multiplier: 10
-Harvest Amount Multiplier: 15
-Taming Speed Multiplier: 40
-Player Map Location: Enabled
-Cave Building: Enabled
-Cave Flying: Enabled
-100% Engrams learned at max lvl
-Save World interval: 30 minutes
-Bronto: really, really rare! (bronto saddles removed)
-30m Days / 8m Nights
-Increased mating/hatching/birthing
-Celestial Dragons will be wiped at start of PvP

-Mods(will not change during seasons):

-Any donations will receive whitelisting slot reservation

The Center, Annunaki, etc
PvE Opens: Sunday, July 31 @ 12pm CT
PvP War Starts: Friday, August 26 @ 7pm CT
PvP War Ends: Sunday, September 4 @ 2am CT

? Map, ? MODs
PvE Opens: Sunday, September 4 @ 12pm CT
PvP War Starts: Friday, September 30 @ 7pm CT
PvP War Ends: Sunday, August 9 @ 2am CT

To Join click join at the link below or search for DDZ using
Manalo Aug 2, 2016 @ 2:53pm 
OrionCluster, An Ark Survival dedicated Linux server using The Center Map - New Players Welcome -

We are running The Center map:

My server features auto-updates for server patches and mods!

If you have visited us in the past your character progression has been preserved across the map change, just respawn and start hunting!

If your looking for a friendly environment to setup shop and like helping others out as well as doing your own thing I invite you to give my server a try.

We have rules for conduct and play to help ensure player conflict can be kept to a minimum and resolved as quickly as possible as well as to help keep the server running as smoothly as possible. These rules are open to adjustment based on community feedback, the goal is to have an enjoyable experience as possible, let's save the gnashing of teeth for the Giga attacks!

A brief highlight of some of our server configuration include: 2x exp, 3x harvest, 1.5x dino spawns, 3x taming, 5xegg hatching/5xmaturation, and your flyers can pickup dinos/players not in your tribe.

The server is configured to have dino's at pre-nerf stats.

Admin assistance to help deal with bug related issues impacting game play is available but limited to when I can be reached via Steam/Discord or in game.

For a complete list of details regarding server rules and configuration please visit our Steam group: ArkOrionCluster

We are the home server for the Improved Dino Following mod. This mod will be swapped in and out at times for testing purposes.

Current mod list for server:
Manalo's Death Recovery Mod
Manalo's No Duplicate Engrams
iSpeZz's Ark Steampunk Mod
Oblexive's Extra Ark
Harakys's Better Tanks
Zen Rowe's Utility Saddles
Krileon's Large Smithy
xTcR's Cuite Hair
Ark Automated (Fridges & Waste Basket, see Ark Advanced for other items from this mod)
Team Mod Plus's Reusable Grappling Hook
Judqment8's Improved Spyglass
orionsun's Platforms Plus

I look forward to seeing new faces online.

How to Find My Server: (Our server on

Or connect directly: steam://connect/ <<-- Paste into your browser.

You can find us on the unofficial server filter if you uncheck the 'show password Protected' at the bottom.

Our server shows up as: [PVE COOP] Ark: Orion Cluster(SG:ArkOrionCluster).

if you put 'OironCluster' in the Server name Filter it will help the game find the server. It may not show up at first if the server counter in the lower right corner is still ticking away.


Your welcome to join our Discord Channel[].

You can review our current server status[] which will include any information about updates if any are pending or if the server is down for maintenance.

[Last updated on: 9/4/16 @ 4:27pm PST]
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]TPG[*Dagger Aug 2, 2016 @ 8:11pm 
Server Name: ]TPG[PvP [WIPED 7/20 10xXP 5xG/T Stacking/ORP]

]TPG[ Ark Survival Evolved Server
Newly wiped Ark server featuring 10x XP and 5x Gathering and Taming. We run stock somewhat otherwise, not wanting to unbalance the game too much from its intended style. We are currently toying and testing with offline raid protection that the devs have introduced.
Our server is a private dedicated server located in Buffalo NY within a DDoS protected facility. We’ve been working hard to optimize Ark on our high performance servers to provide you with a great survival experience. This is a world where you are the hunted and everything, and everyone, is out to kill you.

RAWR Stacking Mod
Structures Plus (WIP, added yet dealing with some Engram issues.)
More to come, I'm sure.

This server has active admins run by Total Punishment Gaming, a respectable gaming community established in 2008.

Our extremely dedicated admin team is always available to assist players and take action against those who are toxic/rulebreakers. All admin actions are logged and reviewed to ensure admin integrity is upheld. Abuse is not tolerated at ]TPG[.
For more information please visit our forums:

For those of you curious as toward what we mean when we say performance, well...
Our server is in a DDoS protected facility and exists on dedicated hardware. This isn’t your mom and pop data center or box, as we don’t host with a game-server provider. You can bet your mother that you’ll get good ping and a lag free gaming experience with us, and to top it off, you know you’ll be safe from the abuse of other, less evolved communities, who like to throw admin to everyone they can humanly think of; twelve years old or not. We’re all about the gaming experience here at ]TPG[ and we want you to have a good time, so we can have a good time killing you.
whitedove Aug 3, 2016 @ 9:16am 
Fire & Ice PVE Annunaki Valhalla Server

We are a small community of friendly, helpful players looking to expand our server family. Admins have over over 3,800 in game hours, and we truly value our members. We want your input and suggestions, whether you are a veteran to the game or just starting out, we would love to have you. Hop into Teamspeak with us, have some laughs and tame some dinos :) If you are the lone-wolf type we respect that, but if you like group events, we plan those as well. New players can visit our new player Safe Haven for some starter gear and items.

Steam group:


Eliz Aug 4, 2016 @ 5:04pm 
!Roosters Roost New 8/3 PVP Annunaki 50XALL

I invite you to play our new server!
We use The Center map, have an active admin, who likes to help out when he can and we feature a number of mods:
  • Annunaki Genesis 538986229
  • Structures+ 680481868
  • Stackmore mod 731604991
  • Bulkcraft 558079412
  • Utility saddles 633831197
  • Pimp my dino 575503459
  • Xtra ark 2.0 655581765
  • Metalglass 656525905
  • Platforms+ 510590313
  • Photon turrets 719928795
  • Reusable items 693416678
  • Joans Egg'n poop
    We will add more mods when annunaki is fixed, since it has some problems atm with other creatures in other mods, mod suggestions are always appreciated!

    Most of our gather rates are custom, but quite high, we have 50x taming, xp gain is high on dinos and players, the spawns are higher than usual, and stats on dinos and players are higher per lvl than normal.

    The rules are simple, dont build on the lava island and on the floating island, dont intencionaly block the resource spawns, no racism/sexism, imprisoning sould not last more than 20minutes, dont be rude and let new people build up!

    Come and have some fun with us! :)
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