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ARK: Survival Evolved

Structures Plus (Open Source)
orionsun  [developer] Mar 3 @ 11:23pm
S+ Source Code

By downloading the source code, you agree to not upload a mod with a name that contains "S+" nor contains any item or structure with a name that contains "S+". (I don't want people bringing your bug reports to me)

I Agree[]

I Agree (previous release)[]

If you have questions about the source, you may ask them here but it would be better for you to join the ARK modding discord as I won't be subscribed to this discussion and its unlikely I will participate much.
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Awesome stuff, orionsun :)
Thank you very much, i'm sure many people will learn a lot from this.
Thank you!!!
Its great and pretty nice of you to open source your work, however..

How are people supposed to fix bugs and update their servers without rewriting most of the mod?

I mean you said people can all fix the mod themselves once its open source, but we would have to make huge changes in order to even get started, by going through all the items and omitting S+ where ever it is in the mod, then uploading it to the workshop as a new S+ type mod without being nameb S+ or anything like it?

Wouldn't it of just been better to hand the reigns over to a competent group of modders from the Ark Modding community? and say here people here is the source files (but don't upload the same version of this mod as S+ will live on)

There will literally be hundreds of variations of this mod on the workshop, worse than stack mods.

Thank you for the source and all your hard work, it will be fun seeing how you worked your magic and integrated other peoples magic into this uber mod.

You will be missed Orionsun.
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EVILXBOY Mar 4 @ 12:16am 
Servers are no longer found since the update.
orionsun  [developer] Mar 4 @ 12:18am 
You can easily cut out a single structure, fix whatever bug you have it with it then upload it as its own mod. You can then hide the S+ structure on your server.

If you want to rewrite all 400 structures, then the renaming is the smallest part of the task ahead of you.
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R.I.P. S+, you will be missed. :'(

Thank you Orionsun for all of your hard work!
I wish you all the best, in your life!
Orionsun, thank you for all the work you did with your mods (I also enjoyed your brutally honest approach to dealing with steam users). S+ single handedly saved Ark for me personally. I'm looking forward to learning even more from you now through your source code.
DuhEve Mar 4 @ 1:28am 
I know is a lot to ask of both you and the person that has made your Triangle models but am making a map with a light HumanNPC Pressence ( with working Aimoffsets, not like OSNPC) was wondering if i could purchase even a 'Cheaper' ( model Quality) Version of the Triangle biits Mostly ther Metal or Wood...........i expect no answer as i get its a lot to ask for.......tho i know nothing about adding snaps or even care to get into that mess of a world.

Also...along with other ark Mods ; THANKS TO YOU Ark is 99% more enjoyable thanks to your hardwork
orionsun  [developer] Mar 4 @ 1:35am 
The contact information for the artist is listed in the Everything You Need to Know About S+, I haven't talked with him in a long time so I'm not sure if he is available or not(no harm in asking).

I wouldn't be able to do anything worth charging for but you could always just export the models from the source, import into blender or maya and then reduce them(its a button to click with adjustable parameters, its not always perfect but depending on what kind of fidelity you are looking for, it could work).

If you are looking to replace the model of the player placeable structures, you can create a new mod, add a new triangle structure with the parent of the S+ parent triangle. I've never personally done that but I've heard that works. It will of course require that S+ also be installed.
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DuhEve Mar 4 @ 2:29am 
meant cheaper in model quality because im legit asking for another mods assets which is hard for some people, and paying for the SM for the same reason and S+ is always installed 99% of the time except for haters of S+ or etc....and the models are kinda in a way in the Source above ^ looked but now that i realize hadn't looked Hard enough.
i just hope this mod doesn't get destroyed by ark updates
Originally posted by the one and only ivan:
i just hope this mod doesn't get destroyed by ark updates
Wildcard employees made this... It is opensource now. Ark probably wont be getting many updates in the future. Nothing big enough to break S+ anyway... They are moving on to atlas and other projects. They are trying to squeeze in as much QOL stuff and patches for everyone as possible. The game is at a point they can put it on cruise control and let the revolving door do its thing for years to come.

Dev: we need an offical github so we can fork and push updates. its not open source unless we have a centralized project for the public to work on. maybe you or someone you trust could moderate the pushes and update the original and you post the updates about once a month or bi monthly... with over a 1.9 million users, i would hate to see it get divided up into 20 versions with varying stability...

Thank you for making this MOD! It made ARK Wonderful. I didn't use it all but I love the hitching posts, angled rails, triangle building pieces, the fence posts, Metal Storage box, Stairs, and NPC helpers and collectors. Thanks Again for making my experience much better!
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orionsun  [developer] Mar 4 @ 1:40pm 
its not open source unless we have a centralized project for the public to work on.

Personally, I don't think a public repository is useful for a project that consists entirely of binary files.

i would hate to see it get divided up into 20 versions with varying stability

No matter what happens with the source, this version will always remain as is.
Having a central offical hub would allow us all to make updates to it. updates that could be compiled and uploaded by you from time to time when enough has been done and the opensource community marks it as stable. I see what you mean by binary, its not exactly code but it can be loaded into the epic engine editor and modified from there. It would ensure updates and put minimal stress on you seeing all you'd have to do is pull it from the hub and compile it on steam. I will continue to use the original but it would be nice to see what S+ looks like 1 year from now if the entire ark community had a chance to optimize, debug, and add new items to a pubic hub. I'm used to Visual Studio Team Foundation Services but github is free... you'd have 1.9 million people working to better it for free!

I will say this though.. the guy from dododex tried the same thing. I updated it for him 3 times adding some of the latest commands and dinos but other than me there was only 1 other pull.... we really need to get more people into open sourcing! his was a simple json array / serializable class of dino name, id and blueprint path and no one would help but even if 1% help that is 1,900 people making it beter! lol
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