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Structures Plus (S+)
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orionsun  [developer] Mar 5 @ 11:37am
I still work for Wildcard and have very time to spend modding these days so don't expect any suggestion to make it into the mod but please do not post random suggestions elsewhere.
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I would love to see the Mutatior be able to have a "restriced list" so servers can make it soo some dinos cant be breed. via allowbreed/give sex. like making it so Dinos from Extinction Core like the beast of darkness cant be breed if they use the mutator
Dino size moonpool entrance to allow for non-water dinos in underwater areas would be cool
Dynamic Sloped Hatchframe / Trapdoor.
Send To Dedicated Storage button on crafting stations.
Reikal Aug 7 @ 2:38am 
Would love to see an S+ spotlight to go with the multi-lamp.

Directional work light with all the options from the multi-lamp but with an adjustable directional lamp. can use the lamppost model from the vanilla spotlight but add the ability to adjust direction and power as seen in the charglight. Should be able to re-use a lot of existing code.
Taura Aug 7 @ 4:40am 
How about giving the elevator platform snappoits so you can build walls, door frames and ceilings on top of it? As with a real elevator.
I would love to see an auto-repair station, where I can just dump my anthro-destroyed armor, and it will pull materials and repair it for me while I attend to other ark chores (dino feeding etc.)
Kale8 Aug 7 @ 9:13am 
Hey,was playing this mod gave me an idea... Im thinking about something like hitching post with adjustable range that restricts dino wandering range so they wander only in area set in that post. I think that would be really helpfull for people that want their dinos wandering around base but not wandering off forever. So basically item that will make dinos wander but only for range that is adjustable so you can have your dinos wander around without losing them forever .
Would love to see a transparency option added to tek forcefield walls/doors/gates. I'm always torn between glass or tek forcefield. Glass doors/gates swing, whereas the forcefield versions just open right up without moving in/out.

I know this may not even be possible, but if it is somehow, this would be an amazing and welcome addition to their options list.
Khaidu Aug 7 @ 4:06pm 
Here is a few things I could think of to enhance the playing experience

- S+ Cooker able to select eggs in the pull screen

- Craft X amount pulls the resources required to make X amount

- S+ Fisher - give the fisher a rod with bait and it will fish and gather the rewards until the fishing rod breaks (the fishing rods would act as the fuel)

- Lock structures option to ignore demo gun (it seems some items like the tek replicator will be picked up through walls, completely disabling is not very convenient if you want to fast build, so an option to lock would be better)

- S+ Tek DNA modifier, much like a tek mutator it could have 2 pulse functions - Stat redistributor and Pigment mutation unlike the tek mutator the stat redistributor would only affect wild stats and is completely random and the pigment mutation would be random, the only thing you could select is the region and then it would randomly select a colour to apply. This structure does not add mutation levels to a dinosaur. *requires element to create pulse*

- S+ overhang - new building structure to add lips to roofs and ceilings, available in thatch, stone, wood, adobe, glass and metal (this would be 1/4 the size of the current structures)

*additional function - Right click to change to stairs model for extra aesthetic effect*

o + Overhang roof

o + Overhang ceiling

o + Overhang ramp

- S+ ramp ceiling- to give the ability to change to stairs for aesthetics
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orionsun  [developer] Aug 7 @ 5:57pm 
- S+ Cooker able to select eggs in the pull screen

You can already do this if you want.

- Craft X amount pulls the resources required to make X amount

This already exists.
Khaidu Aug 8 @ 2:29am 
Oh Thanks I was not aware :)

I forgot to add another suggestion

- Roof cap - for 1 foundation wide rooms this would allow a triangular roof without having to build 2 foundations to make a triangle roof.
  • S+ Trophy Wall-Mount
    • Larger Inventory
    • Cycles through inventory and displays(equips) wall-mount trophys from its inventory.
    • Radial wheel settings menu to adjust timers for cycling. IE: 1, 5, and 10 min intervals.

  • S+ Artifact Pedastal
    • Larger Inventory
    • Cycles through inventory and displays(equips) artifacts/trophys from its inventory.
    • Radial wheel settings menu to adjust timers for cycling. IE: 1, 5, and 10 min intervals.
I'd like to see the S+ Item Collector prioritize collecting eggs, paste, pearls over poop including deleting poop if there's not enough room for the other three.

I'm currently turning off Poop collection so that no eggs are missed only turning it on for brief periods to gather enough poop for my dung beetles (which I have to distribute manually).

If I leave poop collection on all the time, the Item Collector fills up with small poop and fails to collect other items that I'm more interested in (and the dung beetles don't get "one of each").

Perhaps an option for "Item(s) to delete to make room".
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@bsmorgan 2 Item Collectors. 1 solely for poop the other for everything else. Problem solved.
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