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Structures Plus (Open Source)
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orionsun  [developer] Jun 29, 2017 @ 9:19pm
No Collision (Something Is Obstructed/Can't Place Here)
In ARK Patch 259, they added this:

New Host Option: Disable Structure Placement Collision! Unofficial Servers and single-players can enable this feature to allow them to place structures that clip into terrain. Add bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true to your Game.ini for server use.

What that means is they allowed servers to set whether or not ANY structure had no collision on placement. Vanilla structures and ALL mod structures are affected by this new setting.

In the latest S+ patch, I removed the S+ version of no collision from the mod for the following reasons:

1.) The ARK no collision code is just as powerful as the S+ no collision code was with none of the drawbacks(there was a performance cost to the S+ code that the ARK setting does not have, there were issues with S+ allowing structures to be placed in areas they should have been prevented from placing and then those structures being destroyed on server restarts and various other placement issues).

2.) Respecting the ARK setting allows servers to set whether or not they want no collision or not. Instead of forcing no collision on every server that uses S+, this now gives them the ability to choose whether or not they want it.

3.) Most people who want no collision, want it on everything not just this mod so they would enable that setting which means S+ having similar, less effective code is just wasteful.

Why Didn't You Make It Default to No Collision?

Mods have no power over your game.ini file. I couldn't do it if I wanted to but since it takes so little time to make the change and it has such drastic improvements, I felt it was worth it.

How Do I Do This?


- You can enable this by checking the setting at the bottom of the options on the left: example[]


- ASM has this setting built in: example[]


1.) Open your game.ini file(you can google where to find this file, if you are unsure)

2.) Place "bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true" under the "[/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]" heading.

Originally posted by example:

Make sure your server is off when you make this change and that there is not already an entry for this later on(if there is a another entry after it set to false, then it won't work)

3.) Start your server

If you see those messages, you did not correctly enable it
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