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GPAC  [developer] Jul 17, 2016 @ 11:18am
MAX FAQ (Updated 7/17/2016)
Since a lot of questions keep coming up in the main comments we felt it would be a good idea to create this living FAQ about the game. As new questions come up we will update this list.

Q:Wait a minute... Haven't I seen this on Greenlight before?
A:Yes, yes you have. Here's a quote from the dev to help explain why: "I’m very happy to announce that I’ve signed up with GPAC to help me with a new campaign and publishing. Being a lone dev and full time dad, I finally realized I could use the help :) To find people who are as devoted to this project as I am is as unexpected as it is a godsend. I’m so grateful!"

Q: What's with the puzzle piece, is it a puzzle game?
A: The puzzle piece is a universally recognized symbol of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. You will notice that a number of organizations use a puzzle piece in one way or another in their logos.

Q: How can this be an experience through the eyes of an autistic person if the one who made it is not?
A: Stéphane actually worked with his son on the development. Here's a quote he provided about it for the press release: "Max is my son. We worked together to create a game to raise awareness about autism by showing a typical day in his life, and the challenges "typical" things represent for him: getting dressed, going to school, dealing with noise and stimuli... Facing a bully... Max, an Autistic Journey is a labor of love and if I can help people better understand what ASD is, my job is done! We’re almost ready to launch, we just need YOU to take just a few moments to go vote the game up on Steam Greenlight. Help us help spread autism awareness and understanding."

Q: Awareness is great and all, but to what end?
A: It is more than awareness, it's about educating and providing some understanding. We understand that the range is wide on the Autism Spectrum so want to make sure that it is understood that this isn't a game about all people with autism, but focuses specifically on where the developer's son falls on that spectrum and his experiences.

Throughout the game the player will find PICTOS, or Pictograms, that 'Papa' creates and leaves for Max to find and use for his daily routines. This in turn educates the player on why pictos are used and the description of each provides more insight and information about different aspects. For instance here is a screenshot of the Social Interaction Picto Description HERE[].

Q: Where are the profits going?
Some of the profits will be going to the publisher and developer to help cover the costs of the work done on the game. A portion will go to an autism chairty organization, but we are still discussing which one we want to support. When we decide we will make a formal announcement.

Q: How does this benifit those with autism as a whole?
For one, the hope is that those who do play through the game gain a better understanding of what some diagnosed with an ASD go through. Through that the hope is it changes their perspective and behaviors both in person and online towards those with autism. There is a very sad trend popping up on social sites where calling something "autistic" is the new calling something "retarded". While we cannot hope to change all the evil in the human heart, we believe giving an interactive way to actually learn more is at least a step in the right direction.