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Zeyro Dec 14, 2015 @ 7:01pm
Issues with the game
First and foremost the graphical quality is seriously lacking. It shows a lot of laziness in design where the textures repeat to a ridiculous degree, some of them in the video are quite clearly blurry and some of the objects don't like artistically coherent with the rest. Also, making the floor shiny for no reason doesn't make it any better. The textures clearly lack normal maps and the player doesn't look consistent with the environment around him.

A lot of your tools looks like something a programmer would be more comfortable with than a player. They are stark and uncolored with tiny text and slightl obtuse looking controls. There doesn't appear to be very much in the way of instructions on how to use the tools either.

While customization and creativity are great to augment a game, they aren't a game i and of themself. By that logic, the Unity engine is the ultimate videogame because it could theorectically be used to make any other game in existence. If there isn't any context for what the gameplay, then what has the developer really done other than throw a ton of software tools together? Nothing.

The trailor looked as if the framerate was tanking a little bit during some parts. It's also amusing tha you mention combat but you didn't show any in the trailor; while it may not be the core of the game, combat is a good way to get people invested in the trailor very quickly - showing people yet ANOTHER game where you collect resources is a very good way to get an instant downvote. The screenshots are also a bit confusing because they don't show anything you've explained or mentioned in the description (at least I can't figure out what some of them are).

I hate to break this to you, but the idea of having players create thier own games and connecting them together is actually a concept that has been around for ages and has been done time and time again, check out SubSpace Continuum and Roblox. Roblox even allows players to add custom scripts to their worlds, as well as a ton of other features.

Mentioning extremely important, arguable 'core' features that you 'intend' to add to your game is probably not the best idea. There are tons of games in Early Access that once had all the intention in the world of adding tons of features, but just never got around to it. If the game is not feautre-complete, it has no business being on Steam, period. There have been too many instances of developers saying they would do something, and then moving on to never do it.
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is a nice game
Demon Sword Games Dec 15, 2015 @ 8:24am 
This is a well articulated Critique - I Highly recommend that the developer take it seriously moving forward.

and while a bit more blunt than my comment on the main page, true never the less.

FURY Dec 17, 2015 @ 5:13am 
is a nice game
The developer should read this
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