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Retro Invasion
TapDixen  [developer] Aug 4, 2015 @ 1:31pm
Favorite Retro Game
Hey people!

Since we love retro games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong, we were wondering what your favorite childhood games are.

Tell us below!
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Campi Aug 5, 2015 @ 8:11am 
Metal Slux X. Played the ♥♥♥♥ out the game with a friend :)
nemanuele1 Aug 8, 2015 @ 3:52am 
Pac-Man was very amusing , i have been played for a long time Defender but my favourite games were Ghost'n'Goblins and Exiting Soccer two coin-op i found in a Bar next to my home.
Brokkoli Aug 11, 2015 @ 12:52pm 
It's not that retro, but what about Pokemon, Phantasy Star or even Tetris? :D
MaxxPaiin Aug 21, 2015 @ 12:17pm 
ninja turtles (turtles in time), donkey kong arcade, sonic, mario bros, mega man, castlevania, duck hunt, mach rider, ice climbers, dig dug, zelda, metroid, street fighter, final fight, ducktales, earthworm jim, excitebike, bomberman, balloon fight, battletoads ... the most of my favorites :D
MaxxPaiin Aug 21, 2015 @ 12:19pm 
I guess there will be a plenty of retro game references and easter eggs :)
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