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Pad  [developer] Jun 21, 2015 @ 5:56am
Your ideas and wishes
You have ideas, suggestions and wishes for this game? We want to hear, what you want! We appreciate your post in this discussion.
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pearadise Jun 24, 2015 @ 12:53pm 
As with the majority of gamers, I would definitely hope for some achievements.

It's hard to say what else since there's so little to go on right now. I'm definitley a fan of micro-management so maybe be able to hire teachers of different subjects? Or hire and fire based on ability/effectiveness or something like that? How will money be earned in the game? If by tuition do we set the tuition? If by state funding would there be additional school fundraiser activities? (since, you know public school finding can suck unless you have good test scores - and that's a whole other can of worms to talk about.) Can we name the school? What kind of goals can we expect to work towards?

Just a few ideas floating around. Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing this game progress in development.
Pad  [developer] Jun 25, 2015 @ 12:48pm 
Hello pearadise,

thank you for joining this discussion.

If the game will make it on steam, we ll add achievements.

About the money:
You earn money in 2 ways, consistently and every month (~5 min gametime)

+ state funding for every student. The higher grade, the more money
- tax for plot of land
- salary

Students do have pocket money - the higher the grade, the more money they have. After every month, the pocket money refreshes (maybe even stocks with the rest of the last month)
You can earn this mone with sells. You can sell food and other stuff. You can define the price for this by yourself - but if they are unable to buy food until the end of the month because of the high prices, they will become unsatisfied.

The idea behind this is to have a continuous float of money not to have to wait for an other month to be done just to get fresh money.

I like the idea about additional fundraising and will think more about this.

Yes, you will be able to name the school.

About the goals:

1. Earn money and try to buy all the land (and be able to pay it)
2. teach students from grade 1-12 + reach the state of being an university for even higher grades (i know this is not very realistic, you can be a school and university in one - well its all about fun :) )
3. reach the highes reputation rank (reputation is based on your students satisfaction and a few other parameters)
4. unlock all buildings and objects by reaching the highest school level (School level = the maximum grade you are able to teach)
5. maximize the skills of your staff

Thank you for your ideas and your interest in the game - it is most appreciated.
pearadise Jun 25, 2015 @ 2:05pm 
Cool. That all sound pretty good.
I guess you could be a school and univerity if you have separate buildings. Like a boarding school parents can send their kids to so they don't have to deal with them until they become adults, lol. But you're right. It's just a game so no need to worry too much about finer details like that ;)
Oh, just one more thought. If you have grades 1-12, will you be able to (or have to) designated a room/rooms for each grade? Or is it just sort of kept track of on a chart somewhere that says how many kids are in each grade?
I'm pretty new to the Steam community in general so I'm super excited to watch a game from it's very early beginnigs. Looking forward to the next update, whenever it's ready. :)
Pad  [developer] Jun 25, 2015 @ 2:38pm 
the current concept for the grade rooms is as followed:

You create a classroom and place chairs and tables in it. with additional objects you make the room usable for specific grades. To example, grade 1 needs a kid's corner in the room, grade 2 a kid's corner + black board etc. If the room has the objects for more then 1 grade, you have to select the grade that should use it.

Of course, nothing is cut in stone yet. We have to see how this ideas will work out.

Im also new to the community and i hope, we will have a good run together :)
Gillagathor Jun 30, 2015 @ 2:40am 
This project has so much scope, punishments (detentions, exclusion etc.) Afterschool clubs, canteen, sports hall, sports day, sports teams with other teams to battle against!, you could do special events like summer/xmas balls, graduations, hiring specialist teachers, boarding school, the school itself could become a specialist school (sport, IT, Science) prefects, head boy/girl, orchestra/band, I think the school policy and funding will be a big element of this. You could have apparatus for the playground, hopscotch etc. Can I just come and work for you on this one?? Love the concept by the way :)
Pad  [developer] Jun 30, 2015 @ 2:00pm 
Hey G1LL. Thank you for your amazing ideas. I love them, especially the idea of the afterschool clubs and the school specialization. but also the other ideas are very interesting. I wrote down the ones i have not had before and im sure some of them will get into the game!

Are you serious about your question? :)

Thank you for your warm words about the concept - and your great input!
Dan Jul 16, 2015 @ 11:25am 
This looks like a really interesting idea - I haven't seen anything like it since School Tycoon and that unfortunately wasn't too impressive.
One thing i'd really like to see is giving staff/students some distinctive personalities/character traits.

Quite often in games like this the people you're managing feel quite flat - prison architect suffers from this a bit.

Students could have favourite subjects they do better in (and obviously ones they hate where they do worse) - some should have preferences for specific after-school clubs, break activities etc. Some should be keen to learn - others need careful management to improve their grades e.g. they try to skip lessons, don't pay attention etc.
If possible even throwing in things like friendships with other students, bullies, and making it feel like a real school rather than a group of robots just going to lessons.

Staff could also have traits - e.g. some are better at practical subjects, others theory ones - they might have specialisisms boosting their teaching for specific subjects.
Some should be good at working with difficult behaviour, others maybe better at working with younger students etc.

This looks really good so far and i'm hoping to see more :)
Let us know if you're after any one to test things out for it!
Last edited by Dan; Jul 16, 2015 @ 11:32am
Pad  [developer] Jul 18, 2015 @ 2:30am 
Hello Dan,
thank you for your feedback and your suggestions. Im totaly with you that the students should become individuals. Beside the difference in behaviour as you described, its also planed, that no student is looking like an other. My target is to get the students so interesting that is already fun just to observe them for a while. Your thoughts will help me reaching that

Thank you.
chrisie81 Jul 18, 2015 @ 10:04am 
I love this idea, graphics look good, I assume that it will be fully sandbox as with other sim type games but will you be looking at some sort of campaign for levels that have goals. Early levels could have a goal like 'have 50 students graduate grade x' etc the options of goals are endless if you will be having some of the interesting suggestions above. A school sim has so much scope for content, school fun raising, school trips, training teachers/classroom assistants, dinner ladies, choirs/bands. I could go on and on lol. Very interested in this. Btw found you on here after you followed me on twitter :-)
Pad  [developer] Jul 18, 2015 @ 5:10pm 
Hey Chrisie81,
thank you for joining this discussion! The current plan is to develope the sandbox mode as a base for a campaign with different map sizes and conditions and different goals to reach. But this are just toughts, nothing is written in stone yet.

Thank you for the headwords. Could you describe the tought about "dinner ladies" a bit more?
chrisie81 Jul 19, 2015 @ 3:37am 
I was thinking that if you were to have a canteen you could have fights break out, dinner ladies would be there to serve food and break up the fights etc. Or maybe more simple idea is to have break time with playground monitors. Dinner ladies/playground monitors could increase happiness of the students that don't like fighting and maybe decrease the happiness of students that love to fight, you'd have to get the right balance.
Pad  [developer] Jul 23, 2015 @ 1:54am 
Ah now i got it :) thank you for the explanation.
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