Galactic Campaigns
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Galaxy Generation

Introduces a Set of Shapes which I found interesting - mainly due to the connection of larger galactic bodies at few chokepoints or in some cases completely seperate hyperlane networks. These Galaxy Shapes are only available for Sizes added by this mod! This means in order to select one of the new shapes you first have to select one of the modded sizes:

Try setting options to default, then changing galaxy size to any of the modded sizes (go past the maximum vanilla size; it should go from huge (1000 stars) to micro (100 stars) ) then you'll be able to access modded shapes as well.

Gemini - slightly tweaked Variant of Barred Spiral with reduced linking Systems
Triple - Variant of Barred Spiral with three Spirals and reduced linking Systems
Islands - Galaxy with Four distant Spirals and an increased core size with a few linking Systems, can generate completely isolated Hyperlane Networks
Split - Galaxy with Two distant Spirals and an increased core size, usually not connected
Helix - A long continuous Spiral

Micro - 100 Stars
Compact - 300 Stars
Moderate - 500 Stars
Greater - 700 Stars
Vast - 900 Stars

All Sizes added by this mod come in multiple Variants which have unique properties that make them stand out from vanilla.

Generic: Similar or exact Specifications of their Vanilla Counterparts
Spotted: Spawns a Galaxy with more and bigger Nebulas
Aftermath: Spawns a Galaxy with an increased amount of Black Holes

400 new Black Hole Names! List consists of real names, variations of already existing names and names inspired by Stellaris naming nomenclature.

Campaigns Options Menu

Enable a series of predetermined events and adds fixed points into the game such as new Prescripted Empires.

No Scenarios have been added yet! Check out Upcoming Contents!

Gameplay Options
These allow Players to control Galactic Seasons and other Gameplay altering Mechanics.

Galactic Seasons: Galactic Seasons apply an effect to all empires and potentially Systems and Hyperlanes. A Season lasts up to 50 Years and every 50 Years a new Season begins.


Loot Caches
Major and Minor Rewards for fulfilling extra quests or participating in events that aren't connected to the rest of the game.

No Loot Caches have been added yet! Check out Upcoming Contents!

Win Conditions
New Game Ending Conditions which can be set to be available from Early Game, Mid Game or Late Game. Furthermore each Condition has an individual Year Duration which can be modified to decide how long the condition has to be met to Win the Game.

Emperor's Throne: Introduces a new System near the Galactic Core which has to be controlled for the specified duration in order to win the game. This System can be accessed via two Gateway Networks which are spread throughout the Galaxy.

Sudden Death
A game ending device which triggers once the specified Game phase begins. Sudden Death may be immediate or individually set to happen over a number of years.

Eclipse: Begins destroying every Star in the Galaxy from the rim towards the core over the specified number of years.

Attrition: A massive stacking debuff which steadily increases over the set number of Years, and begins killing off pops each month as time progresses further.

War in Hell: Starts the War in Heaven, several Great Khans, all vanilla endgame crises.

Upcoming Content

Additional War in Hell Crises (Sudden Death): Grey Tempest, Demonic Incursion, modded Crises

Rising Tensions (Scenario): The Galactic Community has already been established with two popular candidates as the main leading figures, but tensions are rising and war seems inevitable! Introduces two new prescripted empires!

Dragon's Hoard (Loot Caches): New Systems protected by some fierce and powerful dragons!
Treasure Hunt (Loot Caches): A series of tasks to figure out where the treasures are hidden before anyone else does!
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