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Taiine Jul 1, 2014 @ 6:29pm
Some feedback for you.
I'd like to know more about bhow sound is used to 'see' the world, the types of sounds made and how you make them. I also see fighting in the videos, and wonder how that works. This seems to be a 'sound' concept for a game,

I also have to say one thing. For a game that as you said may be around two hours long, you'll need some serious replayability. Different paths you can take, methoods to get around things. If it is more of the same each time you play, it may lose it's charm if its that short. More so, may end up not being worth much in price.

I give Antichamber as a good example. While the games not that long, and while you could play through following the same steps each time, it offers many alternate methoods to reaching yuour goal that can vastly change and effect what you come across, and even alternates with in alternates with in alternates even if such leads you back to the old path, somethings not the same. It leaves to a whole new experience just by picking what order or methoods you take along the way.

For a game like this, you NEED replay value, it's a good concept, but with out a reason to reply it beside the flashy effects, it could fall short and be a one shot for some people. It could become a 'lets just watch in on youtube' and then theres the loss of sales. Short game, same thing over and over again, may as well watch a lets play of it and get the same experience.

No, come up with some methood to offer the player more. More then watching one play through could offer. That is your biggest threat right now. Don't discurage lets plays, but you need to work in away that gives life to your game, give it a reason for people to want to pick up their own copy even after watching someone else play it. Give them their own experience.

I think it can be done, and with the style this game is in, it could be outstanding.

Hope my feedback helps.
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NackDemWeasels Jul 1, 2014 @ 7:30pm 
another suggestion (for acheivement hunters)
is acheivements!..or..maybe atleast in a future update as that could maybe push the release date .___.
announced the release date
Superigc Jul 2, 2014 @ 3:11am 
zsv-80 Jul 2, 2014 @ 4:43am 
Cain Jul 2, 2014 @ 10:53am 
MrKittyForPrez2020  [developer] Jul 2, 2014 @ 2:06pm 
Excellent feedback Taiine! I breifly address this in our new Feedback and Concerns announcement. Our lead designer will be posting a more in depth description of how we are addressing replay value concerns in A.V. Thanks for the support and the feedback! If you still have questions after Doug posts then please let us know.
thedouglynn  [developer] Jul 2, 2014 @ 2:47pm 
Hey, everyone. I'm Doug, the aforementioned designer.

We updated our description to include a brief explanation of the gameplay and overall structure, but I'll run through things in here in a bit more detail.

A.V. has been designed to incorporate both an open-world layout and, to some degree, a branching narrative structure. A lot of this isn't in here yet, which is why the demo has a bit of an undirected quality to it. The game is meant to offer up different experiences depending on which of your "Instruments" you sacrifice in which places. Ultimately, you're left with only one instrument of your choosing to take with you into the final area, resulting in six different completion sequences which can be followed depending on which abilities you're left with. This, in turn, leads to six different endings. In the same way, this branching nature ripples back into the game's earlier portions, as you'll need to use different instruments in different places in order to open up these different paths.

Now, I'm not going to pretend that this on its own will always inspire people to come back and play through the game six times. The main point is that we've definitely been keeping replayability in mind from the beginning. We're still in the process of incorporating more clearly-defined choices into the existing design so people get more of a sense that their decisions have an impact on their access to the map. We've also got more on the way along these lines.

As for achievements, we don't want to make any unequivocal promises, but we're definitely looking to work them in. It remains to be seen exactly what they'll be, but they'll mostly be focused around the sequence-based nature of the game - speed runs, endings you've seen, special areas you've accessed - essentially, encouraging people to get a good look at all the game has to offer and discover new ways of playing more effectively. We'll also be working in a few purely comedic ones to play into the game's lighthearted style.

And on something of an indirect note, there's a lot of additional asset implementation and general polish on the way that we intend to use to help infuse the world with a bit more character and purpose to it. A lot of this sort of thing fell by the wayside while we were working on the interface and other core game elements.

So yes, a lot of what's been mentioned here is already being worked on. There's just a lot of shuffling around, cleaning up, adding in, and simplifying that needs to take place before the full effect comes through. That's why we're running a Kickstarter and pushing forward into commercial development - to get the time and resources we need to make A.V. as complete of an experience as we can.
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Cheeki Breeki Jul 5, 2014 @ 8:57am 
It looks good
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