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ovni.demon Jan 23, 2014 @ 4:58pm
My thoughts of the game
First, it's a personal opinion. So you may or may not agree with it.
Secund: I mean no offence to the creator, so sorry if you take it badly, it may be from a wrong formula or mistake since I am not English.

Firstly (I know, I love the word first), I really greet you that you really follows everything that the players says about you game. It's really great.

Secundly: the game has a lot of potential.

Now, sorry but the negative points.

First point: put the recipes somewhere. Having no idea how to craft something it's frustrating (it counts for Minecraft too. Even if the crafting table is funny, I doubt that a lot of people found by themself the recipes, but instead looked on the internet before)

Secund: differentiate yourself from Terraria. I think you understood that but anyway. You said that on desura the proximity with Terraria was appreciated, but I think the context was different: at this time, the game was free.

To do that, I think there is 5 possibilities. These possibilities don't mean that you should stop developping the Terraria side or the sides of the other possibilities, but more that you should concentrate more on one aspect (or two. Three seems a bit too big since you're alone and young).

First: the story: Narrative version.

Basically it means that the game will give emotions to the players. To do that, good writing (or similar. I know that the characters don't talk, so the players must understand easily and with big meaning) is necessary and a voiced narrator is a big plus. These game are often very philosophical and a lot of metaphors are often used. It requires also that the story justifies the gameplay, so the game mustn't be a series of trials that you must do to unlock the next chapter of a book. (Since the story mode isn't available I can't see how you plan to do, but from the trailer, I had the feeling that there is the story "line" with the tree and the purple hoodie as chapter that tells the story, and the building part where you need to survive to unlock the next chapter but there is no link between the two of them except the hero).

Secund: The story: the choice

Basically, during the building part, you can make choice, find things that will change the story and that means too different endings (Seems it's not your choice, since the story is based on what you have lived)

Third: RPG: Combat

Maybe not the best choice since Terraria had it more or less (there is no level but you evolve yourself with the items. So there is little difference). It will requires bosses and a huge variety of monsters and a good mobility (that your game lacks for the moment) (Except if you are really confident, don't choose this.)

Fourth: RPG: Survival

A lot of skills non-combat oriented, a lot of hazards. The character must seems to be feeble as he can die very easily. You must constantly watch to have to have no illness, to have full belly and well rested.

Fifth: Tower defence

Surely the most interesting but also the most difficult to code since you must make the monster able to reach the player wherever he is. (Look Terraria: once you know a few tricks, you can protect easily and totally your house from the monsters). The idea is that during the day, you must gather ressources and build your defence, during the night, waves of monsters come and you must survive until the dawn. Naturally, you must be able to craft sentries and trap. I think that would be really fun as idea. But again, you must foresee every possibilities to avoid that one setup will totally stop the monsters.

If you have another idea of how you will make your game, no problem. I say just what I have in mind. But don't aim too high. If you try to do too much things, the game will seems incomplete and doesn't give us a full experience; while if one part is fully done, even if at the end there is less content, it will be more enjoyable.

Last: I think you made two huge mistake with your launch: First: lack of content. When you launch a game, it's too people talk the most about it. Since you didn't have a lot of content, it also means that there isn't a lot to talk about too. Secund: the price. Since it looks a lot like Terraria, people will also compare the prices. On one side, you have Terraria, awards winning game, well known and with a lot of content at 10 €, on the other side, a first game of an unknown developper that lacks of contents (for the moment) at 5€. Naturally, for a lot of people, that doesn't worth the risk. If I had been you, I would have waited until I got more content and started with a cheaper price. I doenst mean that the final game wouldn't worth 10€ or more, but that right now, it isn't worth it.

I hope that you didn't take that badly and that you will continue this promising game.
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Greeny Games  [developer] Mar 2, 2014 @ 11:27am 
Hi sorry for the late reply, don't check steam as much I should! I'm going to PM this to you in case you miss it.

Thanks for the comments and I agree with everything you've said. I'm going to address everything!

Part of the charm for me in this type of game is working things out. I'm not going to be putting a list of recipes in game but the game does have a wiki hosted by curse. At the minute it's blank but it will be populated so that those who want help with recipes can get access to them all.

Differentiating from Terraria
Easier said than done :) 99% of people see 2D blocks and shout TERRARIA at me. I get it, the game was awesome and a big hit so it'll take a lot to get way from this. I'm certainly trying it just takes time.

Story and RPG
Everything you said here is totally true and its a very hard thing to do. Setting a story into such an open game is proving a real challenge. I'm determined to do it though just to explore this genre and see if it's possible.

Price and Launch
I've said it in my recent article, I've learned a lot from the launch and given the chance to redo it i would change how i did it. I would wait until i hit beta. Given that, i still have some reasoning behind what i did. 1) I've been working on this for three years so I really wanted some feedback. Soon as i had something that resembled a game it was getting put into the eyes of gamers. 2) I want the development of the game to be totally transparent. I want people to see what goes into making a game. I've documented the thing from the beginning and whether I complete the game or fail, I've put lots of information about what I've learned online that will hopefully help another developer.

Huge thanks for your comments. I don't take anything badly! If someone wants to give me constructive criticism then i owe you one because it helps massively! If someone wants to be a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and just put the game down without substance then I just ignore it anyway!

Hope you see this!
ovni.demon Mar 2, 2014 @ 3:32pm 
See it. And still encourage you to move forward. I am really looking for your future in video games. (I agree with you that's difficult to differantiate yourself from a big game, Terraria had the same problem at the beginning: Everybody saw it as Minecraft in 2D. I hope that in the future, you will also be considered as a proper game)
Greeny Games  [developer] Mar 2, 2014 @ 4:36pm 
Yeah hope so :) Thanks for the support!
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