Interplanetary Agriculture
Isilanka  [developer] Sep 28, 2019 @ 11:58am
Complete feature list.

*Xenoagriculture : Spices/Tea/Lavender : early game, comes in upgradeable fashion and unlocks access to the culture of tea, spices, and lavender. Gives a slight farmers production boos.

*Agricultural Drugs/Military Drugs : mid game, gives access to everything related to the Flowers of Silence and Red Flowers

*Purifying Plants : mid game, gives access to purifying algae jobs and buildings.

*Planetary Gardens : mid game, enables to seed gardens on planets.

Buildings and jobs

All the jobs included in this mod use food as upkeep, and only food.

*Spice, Tea, Lavender buildings give access to Cultivator jobs, that come in several flavours. Spice cultivator produce consumer goods, Tea cultivators produce unity, and lavender cultivators produce amenities. All these jobs also create trade value on their worlds.

*Purifying Algae buildings give Algae Workers who produce alloys without needing minerals.

*Flowers of Silence buildings house Shady Botanists who produce research and amenities, but also increase crime.

*Red Flowers buildings house Militant Botanists who produce fleet capacity and armies, but decrease stability.


Three new civics for regular empires :

* Agricultural Cooperatives : requires some degree of equalitarian, slight boost to farmers and cultivators output. Unlocks the Communal Garden.

* Biological Industries : requires some degree of materialist, slight boost to Cultivators and Botanists. Unlocks the Industrial Garden.

* Church of the Tree : requires some degree of spiritualist, slight boost to Cultivators, unlocks Tree Temple and the Pale Garden.

*Biotechnologies Conglomerate : Megacorp only. Boosts the production of Cultivators, Botanists and Farmers at the expense of Miners and Metallurgists.


*Once a world possesses at least one Flower of Silence building, you can choose to Deregulate the Flowers which gives a massive boost to both research and crime.

*Once you possess the Planetary Gardens technology you can choose to Seed a Garden on a planet. Planetary Gardens are massive, unique vegetal wonders that come at a high food and credit cost, but provide substantial boosts to the planets they're built on. The available Planetary Gardens are as follows :

** The Citadel Forest shields the planet against orbital bombardment.

** The Environmental Garden heavily increases habitability.

** The Paradise Garden increases amenities, immigration pull and happiness.

** The Hive Garden (Hive Minds only) greatly increases pop growth.

** The Museum Garden (Machine Empires only) greatly increases society research.

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The Spartan Sep 28, 2019 @ 12:24pm 
I absolutely love this mod! A lot more can be added to it to make it even better too. Perhaps you could add a ruler job such as plantation owner for the upgraded building types (these could create unity, amenities, and crime), and also making some worker jobs for these buildings would be nice as well because slaves wont be able to work as specialists, but should still work on these plantations. Also this would go even better with Megacorporations, maybe adding a civic or two would be possible. Keep up the good work!
Isilanka  [developer] Sep 29, 2019 @ 12:24am 
Well, one of the issues is that I've kind of taylored the mod on my playstyle so I didn't think about slaves nor megacorps (I don't own Megacorp at present) but that could definitely be a thing. On the ruler jobs - yes, they could be added (originally the tea plantation gave a merchant job, which was removed in favor of custom jobs) - but I'm always wary about adding yet another job to Stellaris, which already has a lots of jobs in vanilla and even more when a few mods are in play. But it's being considered. The "ideal" type of empire for this mod, in the original concept at least, is really "pacifist agrarian nation with specialist-focused economy" but it shouldn't forget other playstyles indeed.

Lore-wise, the decision to have cultivators be specialists and not workers, which might seem a bit weird at first, results from the fact that I didn't intend these buildings to be 19th century like plantations : they are much more high-tech and specialized things, where cultivators are mostly freed from actual manual labour (even without full automation, it's the space age after all) and handle the end product rather than the farms themselves.
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