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why cant reconnect game ?
cant reconnect ? bug ? pls fix
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TrunK Nov 27 @ 3:56am 
so annoy when disconnect and can't reconnect!!!! need fix !!!!
samee!!! pls fix this
Newbie Nov 27 @ 6:29am we haves hackers
Javelinn Nov 27 @ 8:03am 
There is 1 solution that I found when trying to reconnect. Make sure that the game is running when you try to reconnect (not paused). It will eventually reconnect. But there is a chance that you will reconnect with some creeps/heros on error.
keep on disconnecting, showing error in connection.
that is not a hacker mate. the mana value was just broken for a while. any hero with mana skils are basically gods. i.e. lesh, od lion and late game lina. super broken is lesh and od
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Showing 1-7 of 7 comments
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