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CastleMiner Z
Pyrithe Mar 5, 2014 @ 3:34pm
Change it up a bit...
I've owned and played CastleMiner Z on the Xbox for probably about 3 years now, and I love that it is still in the top 10 of the indie games section on Xbox, it was fun, it gave us an open world sandbox voxel game when none were available. Then minecraft 360 came and many abandoned it, yet some still play it to this day, including myself. The world is much larger than the Minecraft 360 version, there is more focus on survival and combat than most other games, and it had dragons instead of creepers. Even now, nothing is more exciting than fighting a dragon in a new world with just a pistol and barely scraping out a win.

Sadly, I do think it is a bit dated, and I was sort of hoping with it being on PC, that it could finally develop some more depth, perhaps some sort of method to grow trees, at least... With many games nowadays, like Day Z and 7 Days to Die, I feel CastleMiner Z is way too dated to stand on it's own two feet and needs SOMETHING to make it worth buying.

So in the odd chance that a developer does read this, I am glad you still support the Xbox version, but after three years, even I'm bored of it. You need to add a little more depth to it, rather than mine, build, shoot zombies and dragons, and try to get as far from the start point as you can. Add something new, something creative. Big, even. People understand that consoles are limited to what they can do, this would hardly be the first game where a pc version is better than the console version, so even if you have to give us something in the pc version that we'll never see in the Xbox version, do it. Heck, I love coming up with ideas and I loved CastleMiner Z, so if you need an idea, feel free to message me and I'll see what my imagination can cook up for you. Or even start a section in the forums for people to post ideas of what they want to see added.

As much as I love this game, I can't really consider buying it, and from most of the comments I've seen, not many others want to either. On Xbox, it's still probably the best voxel-based, zombie survival game out there, but in the pc gaming world, it's heavily overshadowed. Just please consider doing something new, something original. Mainly, I'd say your biggest competition would be 7 Days to Die. Both games are voxel based, have flying enemies, zombies, and guns, the only thing CMZ has that 7DtD doesn't is random map generation, but 7DtD has so much more, like in-depth crafting, growing food, structural integrity, and much more...

So, as is the natural order of things, CastleMiner Z needs to evolve, something has to change drastically to give it an edge. Perhaps take the focus from having to farm zombies for basic materials like wood, and give us growing trees. Make the world more dynamic by adding stuff like water and real lava. Add some depth with new features, like give us something we can build to make real fortresses, give us a reason to stay in places. One idea, tower defense. Give us stuff like automated turret stands where you place a gun and some ammo and it fires automatically at enemies, draws their attention, and stuff like that. And basic traps like bear traps that capture zombies and hold them from escaping for farming purposes later. These are just ideas, so if you don't like them fine, but at least try to do something someone else hasn't done already.