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CrypticApathy Jul 8, 2014 @ 4:36pm
Starting Factions in early access
Are the only 2 starting factions going to be Cygnar and Khador or will cryx,menoth and mercs be in this early access?
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Shadow88 Jul 8, 2014 @ 8:49pm 
It'll be the same build as what the backers currently have access to, so just Cygnar and Khador. Cryx and Menoth'll be available at launch at the latest (but will probably be in earlier for testing) and Merc was one of their later stretch goals, so they'll be a post-release update (no idea if they'll be free or paid DLC, but since people buying Early Access will also be pre-ordering those additions the distinction doesn't matter at this stage).
Shadow88 Jul 8, 2014 @ 8:55pm 
Wait; my mistake - just found this post on the game's Facebook page:
The Protectorate of Menoth and Cryx added as Playable Factions!
Added Warcasters High Exemplar Kreoss and Warwitch Deneghra
Added Protectorate Warjacks Repenter, Revenger, and Crusader, and Cryx Helljacks and Bonejacks Deathripper, Defiler and Slayer.
Added Protectorate Warriors Temple Flameguard, and Cryx Warriors Mechanithrall.
Added the option to select your faction at the beginning of the match. Each faction uses a single pre-made squad. Customizing your squad will come in future updates.
Added our first Single Player Mission, Streets of Fisherbrook, to help new players get acquainted with WARMACHINE: Tactics.

Fixed Bugs
Clients no longer get stuck if they try to join a match that is already full.
Free Strikes no longer occur at the end of the target's movement.
Charging units are no longer immune to free strikes.
Winterguard Rockets that miss will no longer knock down the original target if they are hit with the blast damage from a deviation.
Spray attacks no longer ignore Line of Sight.
Units can no longer charge a target only 2 squares away. A 3 square minimum charge range is now enforced.
Special Attacks, such as combo strike, can now automatically hit Knocked Down and Stationary targets.

Known Issues

If one player leaves the match while the other player is in the Faction Selection screen, they are not notified the player left and may become stuck.
Players may become stuck trying to join matches immediately after the host closes that match.
Heavy Warjacks cannot trample through small-base units that are adjacent to one another.
Sorscha is not immune to Critical Freeze.
The player cannot end the Trencher's activation while targeting with the Smoke Grenade.
Units sometimes will show incorrect facing after moving diagonally or being hit with a Free Strike.
Warjacks will sometimes not play all their attack animations when performing multiple attacks.
Putting focus into Stationary Units will remove the Frozen visual effect, even if the Stationary Effect is not yet shaken.
Special Icons indicating free strikes or control area will not appear when selecting a destination for the Run action.
Units will appear to sink into either platform in the Forest Ruins map when standing on certain squares.
Units can move through the stone blocks near each deployment zone.
Cloud Effects, such as Fog of War and Smoke Grenades, do not block Line of Sight.
Slamming a model into another model does not cause collateral damage to the second model.

Not Yet Implemented

Warwitch Deneghra's Ghost Walk Spell.
Warwitch Deneghra's Influence Spell.
Combined Attacks
Warjack Power Attacks: Throw and Two-Handed Throw
Custom Squad Construction

EDIT: And guess what started downloading as I made this post.
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