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Viscera Cleanup Detail
Frost King Dec 22, 2013 @ 3:35am
Early Acess Release?
I am just curious, and I know the developers are unable to discuss busniess pratices openly on the forum, but I am curious as why this game hasn't been released via early access? From my understanding it has a working build and the developers are ontop of it, ironing out bugs and developing content, Which is better than some (not all) early acess games that just goes up on steam and never updates. I'd be willing to buy this game ASAP if it was on steam, it's other two games are avalable and I really enjoy both of them, I would love to play it on steam, cards/achivements can be implamented later. It would make lovely christmas gift. I was just wondering if you would be putting this game on early acess soon, now would be a great time and I would buy it the moment I knew about it, it's already been greenlit, the developers have two other games on steam and are in good standing with valve, so, why no early acess? The money would really help development, and hopefully get more content and bug fixes out even faster.