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Void Destroyer
NinjaLion Oct 1, 2013 @ 12:59am
Mining, Space Background, Solar Systems?
1. Will this game feature mining such as asteroids, and gas planets?

2. Please make the space background nicer and detailed like Eve Online! Now it's too boring and gray imo.

3. Can players conquer and control solar systems?

4. Is non-combat a viable gameplay option? Like players who rather trade and build industry. See X-Rebirth.

5. Will you add multiplayer options later?
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chaosavy  [developer] Oct 11, 2013 @ 4:53am 
Sorry for the late reply - I miss these damned things popping up on the discussion forums, argh.

1. There are asteroids and there is mining. Planets are planned, but the game's scale is a bit different - asteroid fields. Mining is automated in asteroid bases and "manual and still automated" outside of asteroid bases where a asteroid is shot up, and mining drones pick up the chunks and return them to the platform. This video shows it a bit (in the begining)

2. Yes currently there is a bit low of variety of environments, in the almost released version 18 I've added some more dust clouds (some full coverage - making them sort of "nebulas") to create soem variety, but more work needs to be done on this side. Void Destroyer won't be as color ful as EVE however, different art styles/aesthetics.

3. That's the main part of the game, but the game isn't structured around solar systems - the setting is the Oort Cloud - a region of space outside of the solar system. One of the main reasons why the setting is what it is - is due to scale, not having to worry about bumping into planets and long time travel means that the game's scale can be more managable and has a better feel.

4. The game is primarily focused on combat. You are a fleet commander on a warpath conquering/reclaiming lost areas of space. In the longer term I plan on more of an open/sandbox gameplay ("Privateer" mode) - but to be honest Void Destroyer will almost always focus on combat.

5. Yes I hope to do this once the initial game is released, build up an audience first and based on demand go from there.

Thanks for the questins!

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