Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

K1NGT1GER609  [developer] Jul 13, 2018 @ 11:04pm
Bone Charms
Blood ox heart:
+Increase your maximum sanity by 20%.
-Only works for whaler characters

Healthy appetite:
+food gives more sanity, hunger and health than usual.
+works on other players

Hearty Crew:
+Summoned assassins do 20% more damage.
~It can be used by other players to achieve the same effect

+do 15% more damage
-Only works for whaler characters

Reinforced bolts:
+bolts (not sleep darts/fire bolts) break less often and can be recovered.
+works on other players

+health elixirs give 10% more healing.
+works on other players

+spiritual elixirs give 10% more sanity.
+works on other players

Sustained rage:
+blood thirsty lasts about 50% longer.
-Only works for whaler characters

Swift shadow:
+Move 10% faster while not in combat
+works on other players
-Unequips itself when the player is in combat
-If the whaler has shadow kill it won't be equippable if the whaler breaks stealth

Tough skin:
+increase your health by 20.
-Only works for whaler characters

Void surge:
+sometimes you don't loose sanity when using a power.
-Only works for whaler characters

+regain health while you soaked. The more soaked the more you heal.
+works on other players

Corrupt Bone Charms:
Note: They can only be obtained by trading rare items to Garrett or Saval (summoned assassins). Saval and Garrett will not trade with non-whaler players.

+Pull picks up more items quicker or targets instantly
-doubles the cost of sanity used to do so.
-Only works for whaler characters

Power Slash:
+Do 30% more damage
-attacks are delayed by one second inbetween hits.
-Only works for whaler characters

Splintering bolts:
+bolts do 25 damage extra (even if the target has armor)
+works on other players
-bolts always break.

+when you’re standing and not in combat become invisible to enemies.
+works on other players
-Become visible when moving or attacking
-Unequips itself if the player attacks
-Doesn't work if the whaler has shadowkill and broke stealth

+reduce the damage done by 50%
+works on other players
-move 40% slower.

Witch's skin:
+block all damage and stuns taken
+works on other players
-drain you sanity by that damage amount you take
-Unequips itself if the player's sanity is below 33%

+cuts down the amount of kills by half for bloodthirsty (for instance 20 kills to 10 kills on bloodthirsty I)
-Reduce the amount of time to execute bloodthirsty by half as a result. (for instance 3 seconds instead of 5 seconds on bloodthirsty I)
-only works for whaler characters
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