Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

Emberlight 2.1.9
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Quickstart Guide - Armory
New Weapon Types

Emberlight introduces several new types of weapons. Some of these introduce custom movesets while others are effectively skins of existing weapon types from the base game. Some use original artwork while others utilize assets from the base game.

Darfari War Blade
Moveset: Axe (base game)

Darfari Great Blade
Moveset: Two-handed Sword (base game)

Fist Weapon
Moveset: Custom. Uses attacks from Claws of Jhebbal Sag and backflip offhand attack from Daggers

Moveset: Hammer (base game)

Short Spear
Moveset: Custom. Incorporates attacks from Sword, Spear and Axe.

Bastard Sword
Moveset: Custom. Incorporates attacks from Katana, Sword and Two-handed sword. These weapons can be used one-handed as well as two-handed depending on whether or not the player has an item or weapon equipped in their offhand.

Armor and Clothing

Expedition Armor
These armors are identical to Exile light, medium and heavy armor for cold weather, and have corresponding epics.

Bandit Mask & Wool Mask
These masks are style variants of the Exile Light Turban. Each has corresponding epics.

Rugged Wraps
Rugged Desert Wraps and Rugged Highland Wraps provide no armor, but have high durability, are cheap to keep repaired and provide good, low-level tempurature protection for both hot and cold game regions.
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