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Game Dev Tycoon
Fox May 15, 2013 @ 9:37pm
Couple of queries about the game design...
Hey there all. I came across this game via a recent 'let's play' series on a popular Youtube channel, I've now played the demo and really like what I see^^ I've added my vote to the greenlight, hope it works out.

I do have a couple of quick questions about the early stages of the game however...I don't know if the devs hang out here but if they do I'd be interested to hear their thoughts if that's alright. Please note that these questions are not complaints - I'm liking the game a lot and I certainly don't want to give unfair criticism. I just ask out of curiosity as to the answers, and perhaps to offer a little bit of constructive feedback for possible future reference.

First of all, I was just wondering why the 'sequel', 'multiplayer' and 'multi-topic' research options only unlocked so late on in the game's timeline. It seems to me that in real life these options were available from a much earlier timeframe than the game seems to suggest. One of the earliest Playstation 1 games Wipeout, for example, was a mix of racing and sci-fi topics. And am I correct in remembering that Pong, arguably the first computer game ever, had a two player option? I'm just curious as to why these elements only show up for research so late on in the game as they do.

Second, it seems to me that a couple of important genres are missing from the in-game list. I cannot see any option to make a platforming game, for example, although platforming has been a staple of gaming since Mario and Sonic days. And so far as I can tell the only way to make an Arcade racing game is to select either 'Casual' or 'Action' genres...'Arcade' as a genre is not in there. As I say I have as yet only played the demo so perhaps they unlock later on, but if not, I'm just curious as to why these were left out?

And third - perhaps this is more of a suggestion than a query, sorry about that. But I was just thinking of possible ways to extend the 'franchise' aspect of game manufacturing, and I was wondering if any thought had been given to 'spin-off' games, and iconic characters?

*) The spin-off option appears quite a lot in real game design, where characters are taken from their original setting and placed in another, perhaps an educational title or a karting game. They have the appeal of the familiar and would be popular with a core audience, while perhaps also extending that audience to a new age group/fanbase.

*) And the iconic character aspect is obviously displayed in game franchises such as Sonic, Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, etc. Companies invest an amount of resources into designing a character, then make a series baised around that character as a kind of mascot. The character becomes an easily recognisable trademark for the company, and creates a large fanbase of their own on which the company can trade. Obviously a visual design would not be possible to mimic in a game such as this, but perhaps researching and then 'designing' a character could be acchived in the same way we design game engines (choose a name, choose certain attributes, then have the option to select them on the game dev screen to include them in the game).

So yeah, just curious about those points. If anyone is able to answer it'd be much appreciated, but no worries whatever^^ As I said I do like the look of this game, and I'm very likely gonna go ahead and buy it. Thanks for the hard work guys, keep it up!