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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
ShadowHawk Dec 26, 2013 @ 11:33am
CLANS [C]ompetitive[L]ikeable[A]wesome[N]ewb_friendly[S]upportive
As much as I'd like to see some Gunz 1 clans forge their way over to Gunz the Second Duel, as well as remake some clans I was a part of, I'd like to be a part or help co-create something new and unique. If anyone is interested in formulating some ideas now and even start practicing in private rooms Gunz 2 Taiwan/Hong Kong (wasabi games, in which you if you don't speak Chinese not sure which dialect, you can google translate enough to download the game and create a profile, I played it for a month or so, obvious some lag issues for being NA to Asia but if we get enough NA members to make our own room for practice not to disturb their experience it would be a good start.

Clan ideas, this doesn't have to be the start of one clan only, we can gather together and people can branch off into their own thing. Loosely defined clan(s) I'd like to help co-create or be a part of:

<> Gunz 1 not a requirement but proficiency in Gunz 2 play or ability to show desire and learn concepts relatively quickly. Willing to put in the time and practice with clan/team to make yourself and team better.

<> Respectable, Team Player, Honorable, stands up for other clan members but doesn't troll or ego other players and clans, yes we all rage once in awhile and say things behind a computer we didn't really mean or just joke around but a member who wants to be a part of a something that others respect, other clans enjoy our scrims and we're a leader and beacon for the community.

<> Instead of "one" leader, the clan would all have a say and lead together, some will step up when the time is right and some will follow. Yes, I agree it's good to have some order and people who help direct the clan which will naturally fall into place per the players who are on and active more often. This can be flexible or more defined as time goes on.

<> Sometimes I have the "too nice" syndrome when helping lead a clan and I'd let people in that maybe weren't the best, but I think if someone is nice and willing to learn even if not naturally good they should have a chance to be a part of the clan, however, there can be different factions within the clan broken down as such:

()oo() - clan war/competitive team

0()0()- questing players/teams

()()()o- all-around players (enjoy doing all aspects of the game)

()ooo- social players, don't care to try super hard but just have fun

oo()()- players who are willing to train and help newbies

etc.. etc.. etc....

<> In clan and outside events, clan page, videos, art, team chat (microphones,etc)

There's so many more ideas we can lay down, I'd love to hear some of your insights. If any of you do want to take this further now instead of just talking about it please friend me and lets gather as many as we can to get something going. I have several months of playing time under my belt already with Gunz 2, I played a lot with the Gunslinger, Silent Avenger and a little bit with the Shield Trooper. There's also a 4th class Shadow Dancer in which I think Hong Kong/Taiwan servers have, not sure though I haven't played there in awhile.

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Destino Dec 26, 2013 @ 1:42pm 
Liking this idea, if you guys are keeping this on the US beta i'll join you when the beta drops
ShadowHawk Dec 26, 2013 @ 1:45pm 
Thanks MexicanCrazy. We can train in private rooms on the Hong Kong/Taiwan server and we wont' get horrible lag but if we join rooms with local players from those countries then that's a different story. I understand if you want to wait until the NA Beta/opening. :)
Kataphraktos Dec 27, 2013 @ 9:06am 
jajajajaj XD
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