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Project Awakened
Shindi Mar 5, 2013 @ 8:35am
The possibilities on this game are endless, and I like it.
Really, hw do I even start on this... From what I've seen, this game has it all. this is the game that games like Saints Row promise but never fully deliver. From what I saw, this combines all the great videogames into one; games like Prototype, Skyrim, inFamous, and even a bit of Call of Duty thrown in there. But what's more is they give us the power to add what they didn't to it. this means they acknowledge the potential of the modding community, which will make this a game that will continue to be played long after its release.

They already have a ton of things put in and we're still a year away from the closed beta. Imagine how much they'll have by then. Better character animations (hopefully), much more weapons and clothing items, many more powers. I mean, just off the spot I can imagine some thing that would make this game a must buy for me. Just imagine it. Being able to destroy every building, using them to topple enemies in a snap. The ability to use the weather against enemies. Being able to crack open the ground and make it swallow your adversaries into a pit of death that then closes back on them. Being able to combine all elements to form unique strategies. slow down or even stop time altogether, or just do something silly like transform an enemy into a chicken and then powerkick it across the map, fable style.

If these guys continue to think about us like they've been doing, instead of thinking like most devs, only thinking about what they think we want, then this game is sure to be a best seller, toppling all other games and then some. I, for one, can't wait to try it out. Sign me up for the closed beta and I will do anything in my power to make sure I help this game become the gem it's destined for.