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Stranded Deep
Seems like it is interesting...I watched the video and read the description the only thing I could really understand is that you are stuck on a raft and you collect garbage you find the the water. It looks like it could be a pretty intense game.. but here are some of the questions I would have before I would consider buying this game. is your only enemy sharks? do you ever come across a island you could salavge for supplies? are you able to create survial tools/ weapons such as maybe shark chum to lure the sharks away or maybe a makeshift gun used to scare or kill one of the sharks for food? Do you ever find a volley ball you name wilson and talk to it?

I understand being vague about your product but all honesty it looks like something I might be interested it but then again it may not be...I mean if all you are doing is fighting off sharks and picking things out of the water that sounds little boring to me...but maybe finding another abandond ship you could jump on and fight rats over a potato chip bag could little add more to this game, but from my first impression all you are doing is hiding out on a raft and yes I know this is alpha and such but at least put something in the video or description explaining some other possiblities that are out there in the game. I really wanted to hit yes with this game but I also do not want to hit no because I feel like this game could be really epic
En son Ben | Beam Team Games tarafından düzenlendi; 22 May 2013 @ 3:31
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We posted a concept video to insure ourselves that the gaming community would be interested in such a unique game. Real life simulation is a hard thing to pull off and turn into fun, re playable game. So much has changed since then and we are very excited to release more content in the coming weeks.

Your right on the money about discretely leaking our intentions so i cant reveal to many aspects. However i can confirm sharks will not be your only worry as the player. Mental status, disease, various marine wildlife, weather, and other survival aspects of hunger will be a factor in gameplay.

Please remember that our first video footage is early alpha showcasing very little development, actually created in less than 48 hours. We have a bunch more to show off so be sure to come back in the following weeks to see whats happening.
ok Thumbs up! :) and thanks for answering my questions :)
I think it will be a great game and very oringinal... at least I never came across a game like this one can't wait to play it
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3 yorumdan 1 ile 3 arası gösteriliyor
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