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bountyskater May 25, 2013 @ 8:17am
Suggestion about Boss (spoilers)
I have defeated the boss 4 times now in SP and once with 3 mates and I have noticed, that the boss has a weakness which makes it way too easy (and I dont think hard mode will change that). When you get to the boss level there is this vendor and this thin pathway to the squared room with the boss in it and I think the way should be blocked behind you once you are in the bossfight, since you can easily just run back south the way you came from and avoid every bullets the boss shoots. This way you can just ignore the pillars, which btw is an amazing mechanic, and just run back and forth untill you killed it. Of course you would have to set the spawn point in the room if you die after the way is shut or that the door opens again if you stand on a pressure plate outside the room or sth along those lines, well, you could think about it anyway.

And another thing I wanted to mention is that both the Ranger as well as the Paladin start with 2 armor I believe and the Mage starts with no armor at all, I think that should be balanced out because the ranger already starts with twice the HP as the Mage, which makes him unnecessarily tanky. Maybe lower the armor of the Ranger by one or sth, you know the game better than I do. It just doesnt really feel completely balanced that the Ranger has this already ridiculous range (compared to the Mages) AND can tank that much at the same time.

Please forgive me for my rather poor english, it's not my native tongue.
Tell me what you think, if you like to.
Great game so far btw, cant wait to try out the Warlock.
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hipshot  [developer] May 26, 2013 @ 2:19am 
That boss thing I've already tried out, but I thought it was buggy in MP, players could be standing on the wall that comes up and might get pushed back again and so.

We can't move spawnpoints, at least not yet. But I woulden't do it anyway, at one point in the game we hade a startpoint next to the boss, but I never liked it, you spawned and died too fast, even with our current spawn-immortality I wouldn't like it. It's a nice little resting time walking back to the boss like that and you get the chance to buy a potion or more lives!

I'm going to add a healing monster that will heal the queen sometimes, which will solve the issue of standing too far, because if you don't kill the healing monster it will outheal your damage, because the damage the ranger deal on the range outside the room or the others if you run back and forth is too small.

About the Rangers armor and such, I can't answer why it's like that, because I don't know =) (I didn't tweak that).
bountyskater May 26, 2013 @ 5:06am 
I'm sorry but I dont really understand what you say the problem is if the players just get pushed back, I mean as long as they dont get stuck on the wall, it's fine, isnt it? Say one players of three dies and wants to enter the fight again, he/she will stand on the pressure plate and the door will stay open for a short amount of time so he/she could just pass through. Now if another player stands on the spot where the wall would reappear he gets pushed away (probably to the closest side) which would be fine, wouldnt it? Personally I would prefer it if the player always gets pushed into the fight but thats not THAT important for now. I'm sorry if I'm misunderstanding something. Well in the MP current state I can imagine it would probably get buggy with players seeing others standing somewhere they arent. But I suppose these will be fixed in the future, right?

The healer is a nice idea, I like it (I love a challenging game) but I am not sure it will solve the problem, you can still go back and forth easily with the paladin (or the mage) and kill it in one go, unless it has a lot more HP than a spawner, in which case you would need two runs, not a great difference.

I will think about it again when I am fighting the boss once more.
Love what you are doing, keep it up!
I will hopefully have a better idea next time.
hipshot  [developer] May 26, 2013 @ 5:32am 
We didn't test the wall solution too much, I scrapped it because an issue "might" occur. I have always thought it was a good solution to the run back and forth exploit but the wall itself is also an exploit because in MP you can have people move out of the room when you open the walls up and you can also hide behind the wall when he shoots, open it run in and then go back.

The healer is a special unit that spawns once in a while. If the first healer isn't killed, another one will spawn and then there are two... so, if you don't play around the boss and kill the healers at the same time as you damage the boss, you will never complete this.

If this doesn't work, we will have to find another solution =)
bountyskater May 29, 2013 @ 9:06am 
I have recently played with the Mage again and once more he felt like the least interesting to play, the other heroes all have a real special attack which kind of negate their weaknesses: The Paladin has the dash to get close or to easily kill kited enemies, the Ranger can kill/damage many closely gathered enemies with the bomb.
The Mage however just has this short ranged fire spray which becomes completely useless once you upgraded your normal attacks damage because your normal shots deal WAY more dmg (if you click fast enough) in about the same AoE but with more range, I feel like he needs to have something like a long ranged beam or similar which could also drain mana over time.
I dont expect you to change his fire breath attack like that but you might consider it later as another special attack, either way I hope you think about it because his weakness is that he has to be so close to enemies and the firebreath is just killing most of the times you use it.
Due to fire breaths lack of reliability it is not worth it to get mana, which could be a great source of damage, if the spell was usable.
Just sharing my thoughts here, I can imagine there are people who say the Mage is the best character.
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