Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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SeriouS_Samurai  [developer] Apr 5, 2013 @ 5:40am
Changelog v.12
November 30, 2010

Changes from version 11 to 12:

The map is much easier overall, however some parts still require good teamwork. If I made it any easier it wouldn't be much of a challange nor fun.

- Reduced the time it takes to win the map by 10 minutes. The hall and especially the tower have had their times reduced before the next events occur. Instead of fighting in the tower for ages, you will now go straight to the "charge event".

- Added loads of new hints, guides and tips that will show up on-screen to help you, of course you need to have this enabled in options to see them. The hints are not overdone, only essential events have hints.

- Increased the time before the zombies will attack the gate by 20 seconds.

- When you stand above the gate, smokers can only pull you down to the ramp, not all the way down to water, so it's easier to defib that person.

- The firewall after first retreat, in the tunnel, will kill all enemies trying to pass it. Enemies will no longer backstab you while you are defending the gate, but the fire will disappear when the gate breaks.

- Loads of items have been added, deleted and moved all over the map.

- Reduced common infected spawnrate by 20% after the wall explodes. This decrease would occurr 3 mins after wall exploded in the old version.

- Francis and Zoey will live 3 mins longer. No changes to Louis. All l4d1 survivor bots will die when you need to fall back.

- Added "slow motion" as a part of the Gandalf event.

- You get 5 more seconds to gear up before the "charge event".

- Further reduced the extra speed at "charge event "by 20%.

- Fixed all "floating" props.

- Fixed physics blocking the path inside The Great Hall at the "charge event".