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Left 4 Dead 2

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SeriouS_Samurai  [developer] Apr 5, 2013 @ 5:32am
Changelog v.10
November 15, 2010

Changes from version 9 to 10:

Most important changes:

- Daylight is totally reworked, the whole map lits up just like in the movie!

- FOOORTH EOORLINGAS! New charge event with only common infected in your path!

- Gandalf will come, the map has an ending, you "survive", not endless fighting.

- Removed the official sound mega_mob (horde scream) which was extremely annoying, especially after the timer was around 20mins, the sound would play like every 5 seconds, you couldn't hear the LOTR custom sounds.

- Performance improvements. More nodraw textures on small details, better fade distance on models and areaportals are more effective.

- New sounds and custom models/effects.

Note: This is not the full changelog.
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