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Mythophile Sep 15, 2013 @ 5:32am
Character Design Thoughts
I realize it's a bit late in the development process for this, but I figured I'd mention my impression on the characters.

Milla - Unquestionably the best design. Her colors are high enough contrast that her details show up well in pixel form. While I think she looks more like a rabbit than a dog (ears are awful long), her design is unique.

Lilac - Her colors, while closer to monochrome, are still different enough to be visible as a pixel, but she looks nothing like a dragon. Instead of long hair (hair isn't reptilian anyway), I'd have given her a long forked tail to spin. Wings are kinda stereotypical, but it seems there isn't much dragonish about her moves or design. She looks like hedgehog with horns.

Carol - Too much green and all the same shade. You lose her pants and eyes in her skin color. She needs eyes that aren't green to stand out.
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Chizu Sep 19, 2013 @ 6:47am 
You best not be insulting the best character in the game!
Too green!?

Well, at least she doesn't get lost in the green background of Dragon Valley like she used to.
Plus Strife just recently announced they've taken a new sprite artist on board, who will be touching up, adding detail / reshading the sprites, so your Carol concerns may be alleviated eventually. (Check the kickstarter updates for info and work samples :v)
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