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ACE Online
RpiesSPIES Feb 13, 2014 @ 10:01pm
Sure-fire ways to help Ace Online succeed in Greenlight
Hi there. I hope that Suba Games pays attention to the discussions held here, because I have spent a lot of time thinking of what to put here (~40min... what?!) and I really love this game (or, at least, the european version I uesd to play, AirRivals). I want to see this game Greenlit, but above that I want this game to fix a lot of its current features to make this game succeed in its transition. I've listed some of my ideas as follows:

1. Open one to two new servers once the game is available on Steam (promise to do so. starting this late ruins much of the fun the game provides)

2. Make the cash shop have less of an impact.
- As someone whom has played (and loved) the european version of this game (AirRivals), I find one of the biggest thing holding this game back is the increasing impact of p2w. When I first started on AirRivals approximately 6 years ago, the gameplay was filled with tons of people with very balanced equipment, having nearly equal chances to gain powerful weapons (items to legend and whatnot were much more scarce). As time went on, however, and the items needed to legend equipment became more abundant, it resulted in a change in the Cash Shop. This change brought in Hyper Enchant Protection cards that allowed people to increase the power of their weapons to a point that they turn the player godlike.
- Now to get to my point, the way the cash shop works and its problems are this:
1. Spend large amounts of money for little value of ingame currency
2. Use few items purchased in order to get the chance to make a weapon that would give godlike power to person wielding weapon
3. Possibilities of items breaking or enchantments failing and losing items forever/needing to reenchant resulted in large sums of IRL money to go down the drain quickly
4. If you succeed in completing the weapon of your dreams, you will then proceed to attempt to Legend the weapon. This has a chance of failing and losing your item based on the level of the equipment you use (lv76~ has a 50% chance to succeed or break, increasing by 10% or so every 5lv's). If you fail the legending of the weapon, your item and all the money spent on it will be lost. This is not healthy for an MMO as it results in sadness that may stop gameplay and hinder further cash shop purchases

My offer to improve this in the game (for the Steam version and potentially the other servers within the game as well) is to do a few of the listed solutions:
3. Increase the amount of Credits supplied when charging your account with IRL currency. The current exchange values in comparison to the cost of the consumable items are laughable and discourage spending of money in order to obtain not only stronger gear, but also cooler armors that can possibly be obtained by the boxes of Phillon and whatnot.

4. Make many cash shop items obtainable through War Points.
- For those of you who don't know, War Points are points generated through participating in server events or arena combat that occurs throughout the game (Strategic Point attack/defenses, Motherships, Advanced Base wars).
- The amount of War Points needed to purchase said items from the cash shop should be a reasonable level. Not too much, not too little, but somewhere nice in between so one doesn't need to participate in 10 SP's for one SuperGamble card, nor to get 1-2 of them every time they complete just one. Some things, like the boxes to obtain special armors (but not the items needed to upgrade them), should not be permitted inside the WP shop.

5. Reduce the chance of breaking weapons when enchanting pre-lv10 or when legending. Or just set it so that when you fail an attempt at legending an item, that the item is not lost, but instead drops to its original status or back a random amount of tiers prior to the legend it was currently at.
- Example: Player A's Arrow's (which were formed from lv86 Phantom Arrows) are level 45 Legend (where lv30 is the initial level set for all weapons legended). Player A tries to increase lv45 legend arrows to lv50 and fails. What happens is either; Situation 1: Arrow drops back down to the lv86 Phantom Arrow and keeps all enchants, prefixes, suffixes, an trails added to the weapon. Situation 2: Arrow drops back to legend level 30, 35, or 40 and Player A must try to upgrade weapon again. Situation 3: Repeat Situation 2 until weapon reaches lv30. If weapon fails to upgrade to lv35 from lv30, then Legend weapon will either A. Break and be lost, or B. Situation 1.

6. Reduce the amount of grind required to reach higher levels. Not so much as to be able to speed to lv100 in a month, but reduced enough so that 10h of grinding a day from lv70 doesn't require 5 days to reach lv78.

7. Give a little boost to Mgear power in earlier stages to help it stay close to the other gears in leveling. I've had a friend whose primary gear was M gear. Even going full attack until the time was right to go full Def/Sp resulted in a grind that was 100x slower than any other gear, and 10000x more suicide-inducing (metaphorically, of course).

Any of these changes being implemented would greatly improve the likelihood of Ace Online achieving its goal of becoming Greenlit. I loved and still love the gameplay provided in this game (previously known as Space Cowboys, and Flysis), and I would love to pick the game back up and start anew. The latter would only be enjoyable to do if I do not need to start playing in a server where a large handful of each nation has godlike equipment. I am quite sure that many people here would agree with me in that.

Anti-Nationalism Influence for life!
Former AirRivals Helix server Igear, RpiesSPIES ;D
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