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Mortal Online: The Awakening
shine Aug 28, 2013 @ 2:41pm
For the self entitlement F2P audience
The F2P community is polluted with self entitled, uneducated children. Why come here to post purely negative comments? If you don't like the game enough to pay for it, why cry about it? Maybe you saw something you liked with the game but can't afford to sub? Get a job. Can't get a job? Wait to play Mature games until your grown up. Have a job but still can't afford the sub? Then be honest with yourself; You are in extreme poverty and you simply cannot afford to play video games. Only other alternative: You are a leech.

Lets flip this around: The developers (and players) of this game, or ANY game for that matter, do not NEED nor WANT you around. Butthurt? It costs money to build and maintain a game, your leeching is unwelcome in any genre. Help support the game, make valid contributions, or just leave. Realistically what possible positive impact could you have on any game if you never pay a cent for it? Population numbers? RP? Get real. Even if you simply cannot afford it, because you are THAT unfortunate (where did you steal your PC from?) the very least you could do is to make 'constructive criticism' instead of this unwarranted bashing. Nobody that likes a game, including the developers, wish to have you freeload off their hard work (sub payers hard work as well mind you, they worked to pay for that sub in some way), much less try your apparent hardest to drive potential new customers away. I am not speaking exclusively about SV/MO either. This is a worldwide consensus I promise you. Don't believe it? Apply this scheme to any other business out there. Sorry if you somehow forgot the gaming industry is pure business, even if started out of enjoyment and love of the video games they make.

I have posted a small, but informative pro/con (functions) review, feel free to look it up here on the forums if you are interested in the game.

This game is entirely free to play, forever. If you like it enough that you are *concerned* about being actually -competitive- in this game, versus end game geared characters/mobs, then I urge you to support the developers by subbing and help make it even better instead of crying about it and trying to run new players off.

The fact that over half of the negative commentators on this games forums are trolls from nearly every f2p game (easy to click a name and see reviews posted by them) begging for the world to be given on a silver platter, on their terms, for FREE is absolutely appalling. F2P, indisputably, means Free To Play. Can you log in without your parents CC? Is there any kind of time limit preventing you from playing every hour of every day(besides maintenance/updates..trolls)? Then please stop posting uneducated, childish nonsense.

TLDR: What false sense of entitlement could possibly be giving any of you trolls the nerve to post demands about how this game runs its business model? Time to get over it you unfortunate, poverty stricken leeches. I look forward to the day steam broadens its forum banning policy.

Side note: Congrats to the dev's on greenlight, and I commend your dedication after all these years of negative criticism. You have a real gem here and I sincerely hope that now with greenlight you can bring this game to meet your envisioned glory for it.