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Deviant Adventure 2: The Vortex
Manien Nov 23, 2012 @ 3:33pm
Some criticism
Oh boy. Here's some criticism (to point some things out that you really need to work on first):
Please don't get this wrong, but your maps look ugly. I don't know if you wanted to keep these "chip"-/tilesets for this kind of art style or just didn't find any better ones, but they are just ugly. There are a lot of good chipsets, you just have to search for them. ;-)

You have a lot of unused spaces, especially in the buildings. You really should make the rooms smaller and fill them with more furniture and objects. I don't know of a building with just some furniture standing right at the walls and the rest of the building is just plain carpet. Try to google some pictures of "rpg maker", you'll surely find some ideas how to make some better looking maps. Try to imagine, if the characters living in these rooms/houses really set up their furniture like this. I mean, why is the bedroom of "Vesta" so big, when there's just a bed and one bookcase? (And why is the wall smaller than the wall of the left room?)
Additionaly, the shadows on the right side of walls aren't correct, either. As far as I know, you can select them to be on top of the hero with transparency; your shadows are under the hero, that's just not right.

Next point: Give us a better introduction! Just starting with: "It all started on a cold and snowy night." and then switching to the next camera position is pretty boring. Try out some camera pans (you will need to build a larger castle for that), so the camera moves around a bit and shows us the setting. Oh yeah, and again there are these wall shadows hiding under the hero. Fix that.

I don't think you need to tint the "intro"-screens into gray color. With this, the player has no idea what the "first" world looked like and you can't comprehend why the other world (or realm?) being orange is unusual. If the player sees the original world/realm, he can react to the main character's "why is everything orange?" with a "yeah, he's right!".

Next is the throne room: I couldn't tell the king and the masked man apart. I thought the man sitting on the throne was the king (or is he? wait, no... he has a mask!). You should give us a hint who is who (maybe by letting the hero run to the king to confirm he's really dead?). If the protagonist really has to tell what was happening, then let him also tell us, that there was a masked man, sitting on the king's throne. Just looking at the text, the player gets the information: "Hero enters throne room. All guards and the king are dead. Hero draws his blade." Eh... what?

And what's with those "dead" guards lying there and facing in one direction in a straight line? Try to flip some of them to the other direction and give them a little shadow, so you can see they're lying on the ground.

Well, that's that. Again I'd like to say you have to work on your maps. Your town looks pretty awkwark, too. Try to add some more plants, maybe some water/river, animals etc.
Every map looks pretty boring if there's no variation at all and that's what I'm seeing on all of these maps. Add more details so the player can actually think there's some life on it.

There are more things, but I think this is more than enough to show you, that you still have a lot of work to do. This really isn't against you personally, but some criticism about what you really should work on first before considering to get this game released.

Your comments here do sound like you know a community (for the RPG-Maker) who can help with getting better. Show them some of your maps if you don't know what to do, there will be most likely someone who can point out some things so you can work on them and give them some "life".
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[G.R.I.N.Y.A.] Feb 6, 2014 @ 10:43am 
Честно отстой:csgohelmet:
mwid Jun 27, 2014 @ 12:58pm 
värkar som ett gamalt härligt rpg
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