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Martinspire Feb 12, 2015 @ 1:25am
Ideas for Crashtastic Challenge
I'm hosting a lanparty with some friends in a few weeks and i thought it would be a nice thing to host some challenges. We've already did some tournaments for Quake and Unreal but i'd like to take a different route and use Crashtastic instead.

So i was thinking: what could i do that i would name the "Crashtastic Challenge". Have you guys done something similar and what challenge did you do?

I think its easiest to just pick a map and see who can get to the end first or goes out with a bang the best. But i don't know if thats too easy or just not fun. And what maps are fun to do such challenges? I think the first ones are a bit too easy but perhaps its best for newcomers.

So what do you guys suggest is fun to have as a challenge on a lanparty?