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Against the Wall
My observations / (Against the Wall - q.u.b.e. ?)
Maybe many gamers here already mentioned it, but this project is not as original, as it looks. Does the name Q.U.B.E. ring the bell? It has not only the same mechanics, but same engine as well (as far as I know). Does developpers of q.u.b.e. have somethink common with Michael Consoli - developper of A.t.W.?
In fact, I've played only a demo of q.u.b.e., but if I compare it with the alpha version of A.t.W., A.t.W. have bigger potential. If it'll be used, I'll sure consider purchasing the final version.
New block types (as mentioned in the description) will surely do the work. I agree with others, that some kind of story would be wery nice. There should be kind of a cake (as in Portal) or a Lighthouse (as in Dear Esther) too. But i think, that jumping Against the Wall should be more dependible on free will. (If i got it right, it is designed that way.) Rather than taking "narrow" path, the player can be "lured" into more directions... than (if the engine allows it) the gravity can change - for example (this is used in other games already). The true fun would be making way from blocks for some liquid, or ball, or something (again if it is possible). The flying tree is very nice. I hope that there will be more thinks, like that. ...
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UnShame Sep 20, 2013 @ 9:00am 
QUBE is made on Unreal Engine 3 while this game is on Unity, QUBE is a sequence of logical puzzles, while this is an open world game (well, kind of).
Also QUBE, in my opinion, has very lazy design. There's a line that separates minimalistic design from lazy, and QUBE (and also Kairo, a somewhat similar game), steps right across.
Thanks for correction. Mixed up UDK and Unity (It both starts with U... Sometimes I just see, what I want to see.)
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♃ Aurora Dec 17, 2013 @ 9:18am 
QUBE release date is December 2011, this game has been in the works since May 2011, if anything QUBE is copying this game.
Forget the first part of my comment. When I've been writing it, I really believed, that it has the same engine as q.u.b.e. Also these two games can’t be truly compared. Even, if there are some similarities in the terrain control by the player. I'm sure, that in the final game there will be many many more content that will radically differ it from q.u.b.e. In fact I greenlit this project.
nuva_lewa Oct 27, 2014 @ 7:40am 
It also looks like Qbeh-1 which also looks like QUBE
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