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Epic Galaxies - Make Space Bigger
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Epic Galaxies - Make Space Bigger

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Compatible with 1.6

This mod scales down FTL speed, sensors and border extrusion to make the galaxy feel much larger. It's roughly scaled down to be a quarter of the standard size and speed.

It does NOT add more stars to the galaxy (Epic Galaxies - Size, Shape and Core - does though).

This mod serves two purposes:
1) To make most galaxy sizes feel larger due to the relatively slower traver and smaller borders. Galaxies up to a few thousand stars will experience this effect.
2) Truly massive galaxies, say 5000 stars or more, will feel a bit more reasonable in terms of gameplay (it will still be visually quite dense of course).

I reduced the size of the star icons on the galactic view, removed the hexagon borders around stars, and made the map 2d. This mod was initially aimed at galaxy sizes larger than the regular game, where star density is significantly increased. The changes significantly reduce visual clutter.

There has been a fair amount of interest in a patch for NSC, so that will come soon.

This is a bit experimental on my part so feel free to leave any feedback on the balancing or if I've overlooked something.



Gameplay Mods
Asymmetric Starts - Better Advanced AI starts for variety and challenge.
Make Space Bigger - Scales down FTL speed, sensors and border extrusion to make the galaxy feel larger..

UI Mods
Dark UI - A restyle of the UI.
Colour Coded Messages - Included in Dark UI.
Alernate Icons - Ethic, Civic and Trait icons recoloured.
Clean Space - Makes the galaxy and system views cleaner by removing UI objects such as orbital lines etc.
Subtle Hyperlanes - Tones down the hyperlane colour

Graphic Mods
No Exhaust Trails - Removes exhaust trails from ships

Galaxy Sizes, Shape, Cores, Textures
Size, Shape and Core - Larger galaxy sizes, adjusted shape and adds galatic cores.
Galaxy Texture 1 -Galaxy recolour
Galaxy Texture 2 - Galaxy recolour
Galaxy Texture 3 - Galaxy recolour
Dim Core - Makes the core far less bright.
Galaxies Colours Restored - Restores galaxy colours to the default galaxy view.

Donations are welcome but not required:
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Realy like this mod, makes 10k galaxies actualy playable, i have only one problem: is it possible to nerf wormhole range instead of the base wormhole generating time? Because with over 3 months wormhole warp time it becomes basicaly unplayable, especialy during a war and especialy against hyperlane empires, which become op. Thanks
CMDR Toshiro Mifune 1 hour ago 
fantastic mod really essential to make the game even more interesting for a longer time, but i think it is conflicting with something else, for example at one particular star system, my colony ship would not reach it. there is an indication on the system map that a ship is about to warp, you can see the ship in it's destination at the galaxy map but nothing happens, it doesn't warp and even if i try to give it new instructions, it's stuck there. lol. gonna try a new game without it see if it persists. thanx for your eforts!!!
FrostBird 4 hours ago 
I am going to un-subscribe to the comments on this page, in 2 days I had over 100 posts in just this page in my comment notifications...
kelstr 6 hours ago 
I really want a 2d galaxy
Tokoshoran 8 hours ago 
Copying this over from one of the earliest pages:

To get NSC's borders to play nice with this mod, you'll want to modify them yourself. You can find the file at:

Steam->steamapps->workshop->content->281990->[at this point, just search "newshipclasses"]->common->component_templates->captainx3_utilities

inside, change the border extruders to the desired range.

I set them to 7-10-12-15, those seemed sensible values down from 20-25-30-40
ButtJunkie  [author] 11 hours ago 
@Piccoo - this mod doesn't increase the number of stars in the galaxy, it just scales down borders and FTL speeds etc. The mod that adds more than 1000 stars is Epic Galaxies - Size, Shape and Core

@reichtangly - I took out the scaled down star icons (along with making the galaxy map 2d). I still think I should leave out the 2d change since that's really personal preference, but I could scale the stars down a bit. Thing is I do both in another mod already ( Clean Space ).
kelstr 15 hours ago 
This mod is fantastic... I have to say. It REALLY makes it seem waaaaaay larger
Piccoo 17 hours ago 
jeh so i deactivaded every other mod than this and ist still doesnt show up in the preset for the galaxy...
Piccoo 17 hours ago 
doesnt work for me biggest galaxy i can play is still 1000
am i missing something ?
Steeaamdude164 Jul 22 @ 4:22am 
dude, where is the sun?