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EG - Make Space Bigger
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Jul 14, 2017 @ 6:24am
Dec 7, 2017 @ 8:32am
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EG - Make Space Bigger

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My gamplay, visual and UI mods
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Compatible with 1.9

This mod scales down FTL speed, sensors and border extrusion to make the galaxy feel much larger. It's roughly scaled down to be a third of the standard size and speed. Borders often only 1-2 systems until territory fills out a bit more; outposts have signficantly reduced costs because of this.

Patch for New Ship Classes.

It does NOT add more stars to the galaxy (EG - Larger Galaxy Sizes - does though).

Previous change reverted:
I took out the changes that removed the hexagon borders around stars, and made the map 2d. It's become more of a gameplay mod, and in any case those changes are covered by another one of my mods - Cleaner Galaxy UI.

Feel free to check out my other mods:

Gameplay Mods

Stellaris Economic Overhaul - Overhauls resources and buildings, and adds a few other cool things.
Asymmetric Starts - Better Advanced AI starts for variety and challenge.
Make Space Bigger - Scales down FTL speed, sensors and border extrusion to make the galaxy feel larger.
Larger Galaxy Sizes - Larger galaxy sizes, adjusted shape and adds galatic cores.

UI Mods
Dark UI - A restyle of the UI.
Colour Coded Messages - Included in Dark UI.
Alernate Icons - Ethic, Civic and Trait icons recoloured.
Cleaner System UI - Makes system view cleaner by removing unnecessary UI elements.
Cleaner Galaxy UI - Makes galaxy view cleaner by removing unnecessary UI elements.

Graphic Mods
No Exhaust Trails - Removes exhaust trails from ships
Subtle Hyperlane Colour - Tones down the hyperlane colour.
Galaxy Texture 1 -Galaxy recolour
Multicoloured Galaxy Texture - A red-blue galaxy retexture.
Neutral Galaxy Texture - A blue-grey galaxy retexure.
Dimmer Core - Lowers the brightness of the galactic core.
Galaxies Colours Restored - Restores galaxy colours to the default galaxy view.

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Jan 9 @ 4:04am
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kelstr Feb 6 @ 10:02am 
I was watchign a video last night, they said that FTL movement is much slower in 2.0, but I do agree that we will need to make windup and cooldown minimal.

I love how this mod effects the borders to make them much smaller. Makes it was harder to have giant blob empires. There's so much "uncharted" space with this mod !!!

I'm SO excited for 2.0 !!
ButtJunkie  [author] Feb 6 @ 1:49am 
With 2.0 it'll be as simple as just an FTL speed mod. One FTL type really does make it easy to balance - I'm thinking about windup should be minimal and the speed set as slow as possible. With how we need to move through systems to jump out, should make travel pretty significant.
kelstr Feb 5 @ 9:02pm 
This is the best mod on the fucking workshop, hands down :)
Creativeworks Feb 5 @ 11:31am 
This Mod effects Empire size as well, hard to take over othe planets if you cant get to them.
ButtJunkie  [author] Feb 5 @ 7:48am 
You can, it just takes longer, which is the point. It's similar to how Stellaris 2.0 will be.
Creativeworks Jan 21 @ 3:14pm 
This makes the your empire so small you cant take other planets near by.
ButtJunkie  [author] Jan 10 @ 1:29am 
"Is this compatible with mods like Fallen Empires Expanded?"

I don't see why it wouldn't be, but I can't guarantee it. I don't think they'd touch the same files though.

"is there a way to ramp up the cost increase to distance for colonising and building outposts?"

in the common\defines\defines.txt file in your Stellaris directly, there will be a line for both the influence cost of colonising and building outposts. Just search for either of those words - the lines will be in the same area.
jammutron 2084 Jan 8 @ 9:44pm 
hey, awesome mod, but is there a way to ramp up the cost increase to distance for colonising and building outposts? i'm at the galactic rim in an elliptical 2500 stars map (using your other mod) and some of the ai are creating horrible border gore colonizing planets & building outposts like half the galaxy away. i'm using hyperlanes only if that affects anything. thanks!
Do'tasarr the Khajiit Jan 8 @ 8:40pm 
Is this compatible with mods like Fallen Empires Expanded? It adds new types of FE, one of them having a puppet estate that is partially independent
Ockie Jan 4 @ 10:03am 
cool thanks for the help, maybe you should make this as an option?