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"We are the imperial navy" NSC stand-alone version
do not use this mod with the original version, they are incompatible

About the difference between original WAIN and NSC stand-alone verison
people might be curious about why NSC version only has one section
it's because fit a existing ship into NSC is like making 3 brand-new ships for vanilla and people are out of patient
so I decide to lower the standard

Light Carrier and Cruiser are still incomplete
but I want to get back to original version for a while

Models of this mod
All models are made by myself, not ported from other game
but most of the designs are from BFG: Armada and concept arts on website Lexicanum

name of the original each model based on
Corvette: Cobra
Frigate: Sword
Destroyer: Firestorm
Cruiser: Endeavor(incomplete)
Strike Cruiser: Dauntless
Light Carrier: Space Marine Strike Cruiser(incomplete)
Battle Cruiser: Lunar
Battleship: Vengeance
Dreadnought: Emperor
Super Dreadnought: Victory-class Battleship Tribune
Carrier: Space Marine Battle Barge
Flag ship: Blackstone Fortress(still trying to make a model based on Macragge's Honour)
Transport / Colonizer: Imperial Transports
Constraction / Science: mixed Goliath and AdMech Light Cruiser
Tier 1/2 Defense platform: Orbital Defense Platform
Tier 3 Defense platform: Ramilles-class Starfort
Spaceport: something from game BFG: Armada
Fighter: Fury Interceptor
Bomber: Starhawk Bomber
Landing craft: Shark Assault Boat

names above are for the design
have nothing to do with combat role or weaponry
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trey_dondo789 Jul 20 @ 6:23pm 
H ave you ever considered doing an mod like WAIN, but with Ork or Chaos ships?
TrenchCoat Dingo Jul 20 @ 5:29am 
the light carrier could be the difient-class there not often used but meh
Reiseafa  [author] Jul 19 @ 2:47am 
I will add screenshots myself
but I want to keep there blank until I reskin cruiser and light carrier
I personally prefer ISB to be vanilla mammalian ships if I want to play NSC+ISB
because there's simply not enough ships to fit in all those classes
if you insist to have Titan and Leviathan reskined even if they are already appear in NSC
you can simply take all files with Titan and Leviathan in their name from the original mod
and make a modified version mod for yourself
this won't take more than 1 minutes because it's only copying files
you can find lots guides telling you how to do
I don't want to start a tutorial here
trey_dondo789 Jul 18 @ 8:16pm 
nvm my previous comment, the problem seems to have fixed itself
trey_dondo789 Jul 18 @ 7:39pm 
I don't know if its a problem with this mod, but When I use your mod I cant seem to equip XL sections on my dreads and superdreads
pvt900 Jul 18 @ 6:36pm 
Nice, But just asking for the purpose of promotion add screenshots? I know alot of people who would snatch at the earliest chance if they knew this mod was good quality
Veiden Jul 18 @ 1:14am 
Will not it be possible to play simultaneously with NSC and ISB?
Isimiel Jul 17 @ 6:41pm 
swap the Emperor and the battle barge and use a Dictator for the light Carrier aad heres a for the Gloriana (Macragge's Honour)
Massive Damage Jul 17 @ 12:05am 
@Reiseafa - This is amazing and I have a suggestion. Have the Flagship or Superdeadnought be an Ark Mechanicus - They have an Unique design that is very nice. :)
Acersage Jul 15 @ 1:17pm