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Cities: Skylines

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5 Playgrounds Pack
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Jul 13 @ 5:43am
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5 Playgrounds Pack

5 Plagrounds Pack by DeCzaah

This is a pack with 5 playgrounds (german: Spielplatz / Spielplätze), made with my circles prop pack, my swing prop and with some of targa's playground props. Place them down in any angle, without aliging to roads.
But: it still has to be placed near a street (about 4 tiles max.) to make it available for services! Also, the rotation can be an issue that matters.

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DeCzaah  [author] Sep 22 @ 4:21pm 
You can start with a blank space by making a "Park"
I'm thinking of making a few more of theses with those circle props of those and the playground props. The one thing is that I'm really not sure where to start. When I go to the editor, it always seems to want to start with something existing. I haven't found a way to start with a blank canvas and build from there.
headkillah Jul 15 @ 8:33am 
Fantastic like ever DeCz
jamonbread1 Jul 13 @ 1:54pm 
Love it! Unique and totally needed. Make more stuff like this its amazing... can't wait to use it
DeCzaah  [author] Jul 13 @ 10:14am 
@Giovanni I am about to make a special version for you my friend. I am at 3,95 billion tris at the moment, but i try to make it even more round for ya.
Giometry E Jul 13 @ 9:59am 
is not 100% round plz fix
Brandon Jul 13 @ 7:35am 
yeah I figured that out just now too... I loaded it and its definatly apart of the plaza... thanks for checking it out though. I usually avoid vanilla stuff too its always bright and cheezy looking, but there are always event plazzas in germany full of kiosks and booths for festivals. I was planning of recreating this in my european city thats now now really underway. I am finishing the historical district, or 'old town' and wanted a marketplatz by a promenade. Maybe you or somone will make somthing similar to what's in the christmas tree park, but I'm not pushing, by all means make what you want... you always come up with good assets. Thank you for trying ;) I appreciate your feedback... have a great day
DeCzaah  [author] Jul 13 @ 7:19am 
Had to take a look at this, because I avoid vanilla stuff automatically^^ It seems like the whole park is a single model (+ the christmas tree and maybe some other stuff). It's not like a prop, that was placed on it or so. So I don't think it's possible to seperate it (or: it could be possible, but with the same effort as making completely new event booths: exporting the whole thing, change the model, change the uv map, change all the textures, the LOD, etc.).
Brandon Jul 13 @ 6:55am 
I have one question/ request... more beautification lacks a lot of props found on vanilla buildings, even some planters. perhaps they are not props or not available to mod, but a key prop I would love to use is in the Snowfall christmas tree monument where there are really neat wooden event booths for festivals, if these could be used exclusivly as a prop by seperating it in the in asset edditor or somthing that would be great if possiple. Perhaps this is not included in more beautification mod because they could be apart of the building itself and not props, please let me know your thoughts, thank you :)
DeCzaah  [author] Jul 13 @ 6:49am 
Thank you very much :)