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Darkest Hour


Are you tired of Vanilla ignoring the larger part of history? Luxembourg conquering the world by 1941? Canadian naval invasions ruining your dreams of Lebensraum? Then this mod is for you.

By improving and balancing the base game, Darkest Hour offers an experience that is not only more historically accurate but is also immersive and enjoyable at the same time.

Playing as a minor is more challenging and therefore World conquests are even harder and more difficult to achieve!

Yet, the mod still allows for plausible alternate history. When historical plans are available these will be used, whether they were either proposed or partially implemented. In other cases the principles of the past guide content creation.

We currently have implemented the following:
- Revised national focus trees for majors and minors (Only Germany is currently done)
- Reworked and tweaked technologies, extended to cover the 60s
- Adding new modifiers to reflect the superiority and inferiority of certain countries, for example, The German “Blitzkrieg”, British “Our Finest Hour”, and the Soviet “Great Patriotic war” and much more ...
- Tons of new events to improve immersion and flavor. Including the Reichskommisariat events both historical, -
planned, and plausible ones North, East and West of Germany to fulfill all your Lebensraum needs.
- Re-balanced the weather and terrain modifiers making it even more meaningful.
- World Wars aren’t meant to be done in a couple years.
- Rebalanced everything from tanks to planes to ships and manpower for a more authentic and realistic army composition.
- Limit the Division spam for both the player and the AI thus reducing the amount of lag in the mid and late game.
- New custom sprites for air and ground assets, Naval ones will be done in the incoming patches.
- New loading screens and more than 75 new loading screen quotes, more will be added in the future

Keep in mind that the mod is still a Work in progress.

Darkest Hour uses components from the following mods:

- Map Nerd by Yakez
- More unit levels vanilla range
- Realistic Air Missions (LITE) by Aerodil

Q : Is this mod somehow connected to the Darkest Hour a Hearts of Iron game?
A : Not really, except for the fact that it will be heavily based off it in terms of events and flavor.

Q : Are you going to add new focus trees/ countries/ tech trees?
A : Yes we will. I'd be great if we could get more people aboard to help code the designs and plans we have.

Q : What's the scope of this mod?
A : Enhancing vanilla, balancing everything from the equipment to the units to the tech and focus trees, adding more flavor and depth to the game especially inner politics.

Q : Why does Germany use the German Empire flag?
A : We couldn't include the swastika flag in the mod for our German players, However, you can get the uncensored sub mod here https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=974922500.

Q : I found a bug, where shall I report it?
A : Please do so in the "Known Bugs" thread.

Q : Can I use some of your work on my mod?
A: Depends really, if you ask me for permission I'll probably say yes (unless you're asking me to give you half my mod) Although I'd prefer teaching people how to make their own stuff rather than just allowing them to use mine.

Q : Are you going to add more start dates? What about 1933?
A : Possibly in the foreseeable future, as for the 1933 start date, probably not, Our scope is mainly 1936-1964.

Q : Why 1964 ?
A : Ehhhh because 6+4=10.

I'd love to thanks:
- Kaser for his support throughout the different phases of this mod's development, from researching to designing to executing all of this.
- Andret for helping with the German NFT
- popkillerlight for helping with the Italian events
- Aeternall for working on the German NFT, hope he'll fix his code some day.

Wanna help us? Then come and join us on our dedicated discord server https://discord.gg/cgXUsZn
Or You can Follow me on Twitter here https://twitter.com/AlgerianGeneral
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marius977 Sep 22 @ 12:38pm 
just a quick question can someone make and maintain a mod just adding all the ideologies of this mod

btw i dont know why paradox simplified it in the first place
bashar Sep 21 @ 9:27am 
Should combine with this mod! Looks like Hoi 2 DH :o
YouTube/TheLaTasher Sep 20 @ 2:17am 
can add increased resources please to your map not default resource map thanks :)
PvT.Nitrogen Sep 19 @ 3:00am 
When there will be helicopters? next update?
LuGiA Sep 17 @ 1:25pm 
The colors are even more brighter than the base game which is definetly a bad thing.
LuGiA Sep 17 @ 1:05pm 
How do you make the colors dark? There so bright and its really annoying
Psychedvm Sep 12 @ 5:45pm 
the German focus for Nordmark seems to be broken. It creates a puppet in Denmark, but then immediately crashes the game
Algerian General  [author] Sep 12 @ 6:00am 
IlluminatisHaCkEr Sep 12 @ 1:47am 
Can I get another link to the discord server, the one on reddit has expired.
Algerian General  [author] Sep 11 @ 3:51am 
@Vans Pebble the German focus tree was overhauled in the v0.3 update, you can also expect a "Oppose Hitler" path