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Planetary Shields
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Jun 16, 2017 @ 1:44pm
Jun 14 @ 11:14am
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Planetary Shields

***Achievements will be disabled***

This mod is a standalone version of the planetary shields feature of the More Events Mod. Do not use it if you already use MEM.

If you like this feature please show it by rating it up, even if you are using MEM instead of this standalone mod. Given enough presence in the workshop maybe Paradox may pick it up at some point and give us a better officially implemented system to work with than this workaround. Let us show them it does not always have to be Star Wars to be popular ;)

The screenshots are from an earlier version. The shields still look the same, but the building's attributes are the same as in vanilla with two little changes: the building provides one defensive army and can be ruined by bombardement. The latter is needed as it would drag out wars for far too long as the AI is now also able to build shield generators. And they love doing so. Also there is an upgraded version you can get once you reach the highest techlevel. The graphical effects are meant to be seen but still not too intrusive to distract from or disable the view of the planet intself. The effects are animated, which means the screenshots do not really do them justice.

Overwritten Vanilla Files:
  • galactic_features_events.txt

  • Graphical effect for the planetary shield generator
  • changed effect for shielded worlds (added shieldworld mk 2 effect to the vanilla one)
  • a second tech to get an improved version of the shield generator (only obtainable after surveying an ancient shield world)


How to use?
  • At gamestart a deactivation project is spawned in your sitlog
  • Shields are updated on building completion, upgrade and demolishing as well as ruining. Planetary bombardement automatically ruins the shield generator once the planet health reaches zero which removes the shield effect until the building is repaired again.
  • In case you want to deactivate the mod midgame, you have to fire the deactivation project in your sitlog first in order to get rid of the shield ambient objects
  • The deactivation project is only started with a fresh game. If you activate this mod mid game and decide to deactivate it again you have to select one of your worlds and type "event mem_planetary_shields.15" into your console

Assets done by Space Core
Code done by Malthus
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Malthus  [author] 19 hours ago 
Indeed, if you change the color it would affect all shields or you would have to create different ambient objects. The question would be when to spawn which. Also they do not change when the system changes ownership, atleast not under the current coding.
shadowfyre301 20 hours ago 
Hmmmm, is it possible to have different colors for the shields then? I realize it would affect all shields, like you said.
Malthus  [author] 21 hours ago 
@shadowfyre301 Unfortunately I see no way of making this happen. The shield objects are nothing more than neutral ambient objects which are in no way related to the system ownership.
shadowfyre301 22 hours ago 
Would love if the shield color could change with empire color like the ships do :D
Tal'Raziid Jul 15 @ 2:28am 
habitat shiekds would be cool
t-82 Jul 15 @ 2:18am 
Habitat shields confirmed?
Malthus  [author] Jul 14 @ 10:52pm 
Yeah, I would love to have a nice effect for them too, but it is one thing to have a bigger orb spawned on the location of a smaller orb and a totally different one if you want to do this with a ringworld segment that has to be in the right position facing the right direction.
war-angel Jul 14 @ 5:40pm 
to bad this Shields dont work on ring worlds
Реван Jun 14 @ 2:51pm 
Ну, значит подождём.
Malthus  [author] Jun 14 @ 12:28pm 
Ah it seems the compatibility patch is hidden right now. The uploader has to agree to the useragreemet before it becoms visible again, but there is nothing I can do.