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Quieter Monorail Station on road
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May 20, 2017 @ 4:19pm
May 23, 2017 @ 7:29pm
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Quieter Monorail Station on road

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Quieter Monorail Stations
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Quieter Monorail Station on road by garbuckle3000

Exactly the same as the base Monorail Station over Road, however the noise settings have been tweaked, as I found them too noisy.

Noise radius and effect have been reduced to 50, same as the default subway

It has also been changed to 8 tiles between road junctions (10 tiles total), so it now fits nicely in your city blocks

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classicrock Jul 31, 2017 @ 1:42pm 
wanted to do the exact same thing, but thought, hey somebody surely did this already, so thanks ;)
Kreatifchk Jul 31, 2017 @ 7:13am 
Thank you very much!!!!
landandskygirl Jul 20, 2017 @ 10:37pm 
Works like a charm.
Casca Jun 27, 2017 @ 10:31am 
Anyone having issues with auto saves crashing?
Tia May 25, 2017 @ 4:22am 
Thanken ye!
garbuckle3000  [author] May 23, 2017 @ 7:31pm 
I've added some lighting now. Not sure why the original lighting disappeared
garbuckle3000  [author] May 23, 2017 @ 3:07pm 
Sorry, I haven't got a clue about the lighting. I just used the asset editor, so don't know why the lighting would be missing. I made sure to load all the props with the building when creating the new version, so that it brought in the correct road. I then used the Move It mod to move the road nodes an extra tile. I had to be exact so the snapping works properly
tct0812 May 22, 2017 @ 11:20pm 
Oh I did notice one other thing. With the new stations on the road, they appear to be missing nightime lighting. I checked the new off road station and it has all of its lighting intact. I have not investigated the two hub options.
tct0812 May 22, 2017 @ 10:18pm 
Thank you again!!! These changes are perfect! Out of curiosity how did you fix the changing road lengths making the stations disfunctonal? I tried editing myself and ran into that problem.
Mike May 22, 2017 @ 12:05pm 
hopefully the devs change this, they said that they would add new and exciting methods of transport to the game, so far we have broken shhips that drive through docks, blimps that collide mid air, boxes that tilt so far that you might as well stand on the ceiling and monorails that make more noise than a railway even though they have less friction and quiter engines.

So far the only features I like are the new roads.