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Hearts of Iron IV

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Red World

What if the Soviets Won?

Red World imagines a modern scenario in which the Soviet Union won its cold war against the United States. Despite becoming our globe's sole superpower, the Soviets face a daunting task of maintaining unlimited control.
It seems that in the coming years everything might just be slipping away...


- Many extremely in-depth focus trees for both major and minor nations
- Reworked advisors system in the style of Darkest Hour
- Hundreds of new states
- Possibly thousands of leaders, all with unique portraits
- Thousands of flavourful events, many impacting gameplay and others just for worldbuilding
- Continuously redesigned tech tree for the modern era
- Entirely unique GFX

In The Future

As Red World develops each update, I plan on adding countless more focus trees, eventually leaving every single starting nation with their own unique tree. Alongside these major additions, thousands of events, leaders, tech tree revisions, advisors, companies and many more will be incorporated into future iterations of Red World.

Nations With Focus Trees

- Soviet Union (set for rework soon)
- American Republic
- American People's Commonwealth
- Italy
- United Kingdom
- United Arab Republic
- Ethiopia
- India
- American Commonwealth
- American State
- Greater American Union
- People's Union of India
- Indian Righteous Union
- Egypt
- Syria
- New Arab Commonwealth
- Republic of Aswan
- Republic of the Lower Nile
- Union of American People's Republics
- Cascadia

Red World Community

Discord: https://discord.gg/YcRySp6

Twitter: https://twitter.com/redworldmod?lang=en

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RedWorldMod/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmVM8QWUFnDGzyg1NDxUeQg

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kaiser1871

Thanks for reading, and make sure you rate the mod after playing!
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Sep 21 @ 9:22am
Have ideologies been added yet?
Sep 19 @ 7:52pm
what am i doing wrong?!
trooper 1139
Sep 8 @ 7:02pm
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killer of watermelons 2 hours ago 
Oh okay.
augustusl 8 hours ago 
Alaska will get a tree together with the other American breakaway nations. That update is a while off tho
killer of watermelons 15 hours ago 
Will Alaska be getting a focus tree any time soon or is that not gonna happen for a while.
Wilfred Laurier 16 hours ago 
Because they don't want to
Spectre 17 hours ago 
Spectre 23 hours ago 
why can't mike peces path reunite america
they don't get any cores or war goals
atomicturist Sep 21 @ 10:10am 
Is American Commonwealth supposed to field 400 divs by the 2017 while USSR fields only 60...?
And American Republic, after annexing fost of the old territories barely maneges 80? :)
On that note, USSR seens to not built any units.
augustusl Sep 21 @ 9:20am 
@glin0messs There will be a 'European Spring' that'll start in France and spread to the rest of the continent, particularly to Eastern Europe
gLin0mesSs Sep 21 @ 9:02am 
it would be great if you will add option of revolting against the Warsaw pact for major european nations
killer of watermelons Sep 20 @ 11:03am 
Every country will have a focus tree eventually.