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Hearts of Iron IV

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Red World
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Red World

What if the Soviets won the Cold War?

Red World imagines a modern day scenario in which the Soviet Union "won" the Cold War against the USA. However, while they have managed to create a new world order, the Soviets have met their match not just in democrats or the right, but in fellow Communists.

Discord: https://discord.gg/YcRySp6
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RedWorldMod

(I post screenshots of development on the Discord, and we regularly discuss the mod)


Fascism, Nationalism, Monarchism, National Bolshevism, National Conservatism, Centrism, Liberalism, New Democracy, Moderate Socialism, Revolutionary Socialism, Communism.

Every single country will be getting a focus tree. Until a specific country gets a tree, more events or the manual election events are released, ideology cannot be changed in that nation at the moment. Instead, you can use the set_ruling_party cheat.

Major Contributors:

- Gre
- Westralian
- X180
- Imperial Caesar
- Ven
- MrSuricate
- Magdaleno
- Hogthra


- Millennium Dawn tech tree. This will be modified to a point where it will be almost completely different to MD.
- Flags for almost all nations
- A cabinet directly based on the Darkest Hour game's ministry system. Every country will have ministers at some point, and they can range from 60+ to 120+ options.
- Extensive and highly detailed focus trees
- Hundreds, if not over a thousand events for multiple nations
- Countless leaders and Red World-style portraits to match
- Two new buildings: Hospital and Research Center
- Custom sounds for certain actions and event options

Countries with focus trees:

Soviet Union, American Republic, Ethiopia, United Kingdom, Italy, American People's Commonwealth, American Commonwealth (hidden), American State (hidden), Greater American Union (hidden), United Arab Republic

Thanks to Millennium Dawn for the map and tech tree!
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Prime Minister Smith 1 hour ago 
could we see a rhodesian rebellion?
Starzonedark 3 hours ago 
mourning over.
so... will it be with the UAPR then, or after that?
Starzonedark 3 hours ago 
I now enter mourning for south africa.....
Loewe 3 hours ago 
I didn't know that...
Wilfred Laurier 3 hours ago 
However South Africa won't be anymore, it has been pushed back.
Loewe 3 hours ago 
@Starzonedark Huh... And yes, India is getting a tree soon. It's already planned and has 600 focuses.
Starzonedark 3 hours ago 
just them on discord (after "it's no big deal")
Loewe 4 hours ago 
@Starzonedark Wait what
Starzonedark 6 hours ago 
"it's no big deal i got rid of discord after i read about it's easy for hackers to get all you'r stuff from hacking you're discord and implanting a packet sniffer" - killer of watermelons
Starzonedark 6 hours ago 
wait.... so india.... cool.