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Space Combat Expanded - SCX Core
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Apr 28, 2017 @ 10:49am
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Space Combat Expanded - SCX Core

In 1 collection by Princess Stabbity
Team Nessassity
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Space Combat Expanded is a modular collection of mods designed to enhance and add flavour to ships and warfare. It does not seek to change Stellaris into a different game but rather builds upon the vanilla experience to add extra depth, fill underutilised niches and provide new gameplay options.

The SCX Core is the central framework that contains all the necessary resources for other modules and provides interconnectivity between them.
All modules are optional and can be mixed and matched according to your preferences. However, please note that certain modules may be incompatible or synergise poorly. In those cases, conflicts and recommendations will be listed in their respective mod descriptions.

Official modules:
  • Carrier Class: Introduces the Carrier, a support class optimised for strike craft deployment. Capable of fielding more and stronger fighters than any other ship.
  • Dreadnought Class: Introduces the Dreadnought, a capital class in between Battleships and Titans. Equipped with a combination of artillery and missiles, it is the natural predator of anything big and heavily armoured.
  • Mass Effect Classes: Adds a bit of Mass Effect flavour to Stellaris by adapting existing ships to the fleet doctrine of Citadel nations. It also simulates the Treaty of Farixen and in the future may include additional gameplay changes.
  • Ship Spacing: Increases the spacing between ships, horizontal as well as vertical, resulting in more three-dimensional space battles.
Third party modules:

Investigating, developing, testing, maintaining and providing support for third party mods takes away from the development time of our own mods. As such, we do NOT accept compatibility requests. We ONLY develop compatibility patches for third party mods that we personally use or otherwise have our own reasons to support.

However, anyone else is welcome to create compatibility patches on our behalf. If you do, please let us know so we can add it to the list.
  • SCX Core modifies the country_types.txt file and as such is incompatible with any mods that do that same. This includes all other mods that add new ship classes to the game.
  • This means that it is NOT campatible with: NSC, RS and ISBS, among others. Even if it was possible, using multiple ship classes mods would be a recipe for imbalance and redundancy, there is no good reason to do that.
  • Additionally, individual modules may have their own conflicts. Please refer to their respective mod descriptions for details.
Compatible Mods:
Compatibility Patches:

Be sure to check out other mods by Team Nessassity!

  • Some ideas and code were based on New Ship Classes & More by CaptainX3 & Crusader Vanguard
  • Created by Team Nessassity: Princess Stabbity, Nessa & Teneb Kel
  • Stellaris™ is a trademark of Paradox Interactive

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Spillik 16 hours ago 
I don't want to. Maybe I will think about it. If you want - you can add it to next planned patch.
Princess Stabbity  [author] 16 hours ago 
@Spillik: Translations are always welcome n_n If you want to publish one, feel free to release it as a patch
Spillik 17 hours ago 
Hey, do you need some russian translation?
Princess Stabbity  [author] 19 hours ago 
@Spillik: The point is to allow people to choose what they want in their game. Someone might not like or need Dreadnoughts so if they don't install that module, there won't be any Dreadnoughts in their game. Same goes for other modules.

That one txt file enables tech options that make those classes researchable. It's set up the same way as Stellaris DLC.
Spillik 20 hours ago 
Still, don't understand what the point of the core and modules. It's wierd. I use core, carrier and dreadnought. And I have only Carrier and Dreadnought, right? Those modules have only one txt file.
Princess Stabbity  [author] 21 hours ago 
@mediumvillain: Everything is fine on my end and the mod is up to date with the latest beta build (and only the beta build, I do not recommend running it on the live 2.0.1 version)
mediumvillain 22 hours ago 
ive been having trouble w/ compatibility. the sins of the prophet halo mod says it has native compatibility for this, but all the carriers were just placeholder boxes (i had to stop using their ship sets bc i was getting crashes so it might just be that mod). now i just noticed w/ an empire using the default avian ship set that the carriers had the same placeholder graphics on the top of the carrier ship (presumably where some picket guns would be). is this bc of the upgrade to the beta patch maybe?
Wreth Mar 21 @ 2:30pm 
Nevermind just realised it's because you updated it to the Beta build
Wreth Mar 21 @ 2:28pm 
Hm my launcher says SCX Core is out of date. Is it?
Ana Mar 20 @ 6:46pm 
Oh, well thank you! I'm deligfhted at your response! Please link my mod in yours if you feel it adds to SCX Core. I'm thrilled to be able to play such a fantastic mod, I mean, I love the Elves of Stellaris and this Dreadnought Class you made is so nicely done. Making my mod I began to appreciate just all the hard work and time that must've went into it. It's amazing. Ok, I'll make my mod public, and thank you!