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MetroPed 1 platform v3 (O)
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Apr 25, 2017 @ 9:11am
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MetroPed 1 platform v3 (O)

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MetroPed (modular stations with pedestrian underground access)
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Modular 1 platform MetroPed station (direct underground pedestrian access)
- 1 platform at -12m
- pedestrian tunnel conections at -8m

For MOM users: MetroPed modular MOM station. It's a different designed version, one station, fully scalable, used also to create multiple platform hubs ingame

Future update:
- delete props, leave one empty grass square (for anarchy under parks etc)
- redesign ped tunnels, near the platform, to occupy a smaller area
- lower the platform, probably -16m track depth (asset editor value is -12m, which is station ceiling value, quite confusing) to get rid of anarchy for ped tunnels at -8m crossing over the platform or metro tunnels. really confusing this difference from values ingame and asset editor

You have to take the following steps, otherwise the pink paths are not working:
  • subscribe to More Network Stuff and have it active
  • open Asset Editor, load any asset and then start/load a game
  • place it on FLAT ground in the area of ped tunnel loop, otherwise the paths are doing weird things. Use the brush, maximum intensity. FLAT and they will be exactly like in the picture above, straight pedestrian tunnel squares around the platform station.
  • You have to link the tunnel loose ends with ped tunnel (posible to require anarchy)
  • You have to go to surface with at least one pedestrian tunnel,

More info:
- size on ground = 2x2
- Template used is vanilla Metro Station, scaled 0.01.
- Vanilla props
- platform depth is -8m game value. In fact, the track is -12 but the game displays the track position plus 4m
- pedestrian connections possible at -8m

Tips and tricks for editing in Asset Editor:
-you can add more pink connections to each side of a platform, like multiple stairs, but:
-the cims will use only one pink connecion for one side of that platform, to enter the platform, which makes the design of stairs at the ends of the platform almost useless in terms of splitting the flow and helping cims from outside to reach faster the station. They will move all the way to the other end and enter that path, instantly. I do not think it has to do with pathfinding, I tried several times. But:
- the fun part is they will use all the avalable pink paths to exit that side of platform, if you have more than one. So, it could be useful, at least they will have shorter paths to exit
- the pink paths do not require to be in the middle of the platform side
- you can connect the two sides of platform with pink(platform level)-tunnel (higher or lower)-pink (platform level), not directly through the middle. See this asset design
- you cannot connect platform direct to ped tunnel, you need pink path
- connecting all the loose ends of tunnels in Asset Editor creates a point with 0 height (of course, you do not know which one) somewhere on the circle, at one of the junctions, that's why you have to connect ingame, where it doesn't create that.
- loose ped tunnel ends, from junction with pink, should be at least 2 squares length
- you can connect pink with tunnel inside platform and it will keep that depth, pink will not clip to ground to 1m height, as usual

Maybe I should write a guide with all information I aquired designing MetroPed :)

Thanks to everybody who made this asset possible.

Please, do not forget to rate it.
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cacamaca8  [author] Apr 27, 2017 @ 6:23pm 
For MOM users, to create multiple platform hubs, here is the link to fully scalable and pedestrian access station: MetroPed modular MOM station
Termite Apr 27, 2017 @ 1:28am 
Thanks. Really like the asset. It is not a real issue but without road requirment you can make very large underground metro stations with just one or two entry points. I might make one without the garbage and workers while keeping the original as the main entry point.
cacamaca8  [author] Apr 27, 2017 @ 1:23am 
Great :)

I designed it to fit under avenues, in the middle, like real metro stations are usually built, that's why it has road placement. I mean, they usually dig metro trenches under boulevards.

Update: you get flashing icons because the building is set to have workers and garbage. If you want to get rid of those icons, edit the asset and set workers and garbage to 0.

I'd like to keep the jobs and garbage accumulation, so it's useless if I set m_placementStyle to OnGround instead of Roadside, it will do the same.
Termite Apr 26, 2017 @ 4:54am 
Just one thought, can you get rid of the need to place near a road? I have placed a few without roads using the new mod allowing placment anywhere and these still work but the flashing icon for road connection is still there. Would be nice to place these anywere without roads and then link them with ped paths
Termite Apr 26, 2017 @ 4:42am 
Thanks for these. They really work and enhance the metro system. I have started to use these and connect a whole network underground togther.