Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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3-storey Med Clinic (250 patients) OB
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Mar 20 @ 1:09am
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3-storey Med Clinic (250 patients) OB

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Stalin era houses 1-2xx series / Сталинки серий 1-2xx
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Three-storey med clinic for 400 (500) patients.
In game Med Clinic, patients capacity: 250.
The version "only building" - without the territory surrounding a clinic.

The walls are painted in one of four colors - light pink, yellow, light orange, light green.

Game info
  • med clinic
  • 6x4 lot size
  • 250 patients
  • $25,000 cost
  • custom icon in toolbar (with main asset parameters)

Main model
  • 4,773 tris
  • 2048x960 texture (_d, _s, _n, _i, _c)

LOD model
  • 148 tris
  • 1872x584 texture

For work of wall lamps requires Wall Lanterns pack.
For it is necessary Network Skins, otherwise lamps won't shine.

News of Russian-speaking community Cities: Skylines - on our page vKontakte: Cities: Skylines[]

You see detail characteristics in the table in the table below:
Electricity Comsumption100
Gameplay common
Construction Cost$25,000
Fire Hazard1
Fire Tolerance10
Garbage Accumulation25
Maintenance Cost6000
Water Accumulation50
Water Comsumption50
Uneducated Workers25
Educated Workers40
Well Educated Workers15
Highly Educated Workers5
Ambulance count20
Curing rate50
Healthcare Accumulation250
Healthcare Radius1200
Patient Capacity250
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targa  [author] May 18 @ 12:41pm 
@vokepasa21, I want to do this on next weekend.
vokepasa21 May 18 @ 10:51am 
@targa Did you get the chance to look into the LOD?
vokepasa21 May 14 @ 1:52pm 
@targa Thanks for answering. Yeah I use more of your buildings and this is the only one where I get the bad LOD so I thought I'd let you know. Here are a couple of screenshots from two different angles:

I haven't edited the pics to highlight the building but I think it's clear enough, it's in the center of the screen anyway in both images. Let me know if you'd need anything else from my side and hopefully you can fix it! Thanks! :)
targa  [author] May 14 @ 1:17pm 
@vokepasa21, that's weird because when I created and tested I don't has these problems. Can you upload screenshot with broken LOD to any sharepictire service ad add link here.
I especially create custom hand made LOD therefore CSL some times make broken LODs.
vokepasa21 May 14 @ 11:37am 
I love this building but the LOD looks very ugly in my opinion, all yellow and with glitchy stripes...which is a shame because it really lets down an otherwise great asset. If you could sometime review and update the LOD I would be very grateful!
AmiPolizeiFunk Apr 15 @ 5:40am 
core79 Mar 20 @ 4:30pm 
Very nice building! Thank you for creating and sharing.
liluzivert Mar 20 @ 5:17am 
Great, good job !
CRISGAMES Mar 20 @ 4:34am 
Beautiful, is very similar to our clinics here in Italy
SonOfNitrous Mar 20 @ 1:56am 
Отличное пополнение! Естественно подписался)