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Paraakie's Single Player mods
All mods are made by me and for of the game Awesomenauts

My favourite mod, is Gnaw Story mode.
If you aren't interested in that mod, check out HideNSeek Portal Editon or my newest mod Rise of Galactron.
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[PvE] Galaxy War
Created by Paraakie
Defend against hords of robots, until you are strong enough to defeat Galactron.

How to play
-> Click Subscribe!
-> In-game click Play->Custom
-> Select 'GalaxyWar' map/level
-> Use 'GalaxyWarSettings' gamesettings
A) Choose ...
Gnaw Story Mode
Created by Paraakie
Gnaw Story Mode, is single player story & puzzle plattformer mod.
Note: While the mod is supposed to be played with Gnaw, if you don't have him
unlocked you should be able to play this mod with Leon.

Lore & Info:
It takes pla...
[PvE] Rise of Galactron
Created by Paraakie
In this wave-survival mod, defend against hords of Robots and Droids.

Contains 3 Maps.
Easy -> For Single Player or just casual fun.
Hard -> A real challgne, almost impossible for one player to complete.
RedvsBlue -> 3v3 mode, try to...
[Fun] Voltar's Christmas Party
Created by Paraakie
You find a portal in one of the presents, filled with curiosity you jump in & get teleported far away. Solve Puzzle to return back to Voltar's "United" Party.
Have fun!

As the Galaxy War rages on in the Universe, Voltar uses ...
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