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Cities: Skylines

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You called down the thunder... now build a lighting rod.

- Size: 8x10
- Type: Police Department - Prison
- Main Tri: 3,378, 2048x1024
- LOD Tri: 185, 256x128
- Description: A confined prison with a more humane environment. It is highly cost, but effective in an urban situation.
- Requirement: After Dark DLC

Stats: All
- Cost: 175,000
- Upkeep: 3,200/week
- Workers: 35/40/35/10
- Average Sentence Length: 15
- Jail Capacity: 750
- Police Trucks: 10
- Radius: 4,000
- Pollution Noise: Moderate -50/100
- Summary: Is an advanced prison, is expensive but more neighbor-friendly, has more capacity and vehicle counts compared to Prison

Conceptual Notes
- The entire concept of this asset was based on the name itself and also is to have an option for the urban-styled correctional facility.

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Flushed Jan 28 @ 3:37pm 
it looks really good! keep up the good work!
SaGeOwL Jan 26 @ 9:39pm 
Hey, that's pretty good!
Graslama Jan 25 @ 6:18am 
yap, good looking model and good stats, i like it :)
Quad Rioters  [author] Jan 25 @ 3:21am 
Thank you
☠ ⒶⒹⒺⒼⒶⓈ ☠ Jan 25 @ 12:45am 
AWESOME, like always!
Best building modder of the hole community.
RED Floyd /(Weber)\ Jan 24 @ 8:14am 
And to think, I was browsing prisons on the workshop earlier! Thanks again Quad.