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VF's Brazil
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Jan 11, 2017 @ 8:19pm
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VF's Brazil

So, it's been a while since i've last updated the text, but that doesn't mean i didn't update the mod itself.
In the last 3 updates or so: somewhat rebalancing, rework of quite a few focuses and quite a big reorganization of the Focus Tree, as always being redesigned to be as flexible, straightforward (Programming and User-Interfacelywise), good looking and compact as possible. Changed some icons aswell.

There are plans set for a Birthday edition to be launched as soons as 1.5 comes. For now I only have in mind a Diplo-branch complete overhaul and, thus, I require suggestions. Feel free to leave them either in the comments or on the Discussions (preferably in the Discussions).

Just a friendly reminder that this mod is avaliable in both Portuguese and English versions of the game.
Plans for major expansions are set and, yet, on halt until the launch of version 1.5.

Hey, it's me, the guy that makes these things.
So, some of you are wondering: What the ♥♥♥♥ is this?
The other some of you are wondering: What the ♥♥♥♥ is this?

A little but about this mod:
"The Mod adds a Unique, historically-based, focus tree for Brazil, largest country in South America and her informal major power.
It also adds more generals, policies and resources, all based on actual aspects of Brazilian Society to improve anyone daring to play as the South American Nation."

What this does is it creates an 29.99US Paradox Experience for Brazil, but for free!
Seriously, who doesn't like free stuff?

We've all played WWII simulators, be them FPS or RTS, of even MMORPG (Really want one of these, can't wait to build my Mecha-Fuhrer), but always on an European, American and, at best, Japanese point of view.
Have you ever wondered what being an underdog during WWII is like? How many things could have changed if, say, Sinkang conquered Japan?

We are not giving you turbo-sinkang, but we are offering a new pov on WWII from a different angle, from a Brazilian angle! But not a generic focus-tree and Cloned-Generals angle, no no, it's a custom, 29.99 for free Brazil, with
all included.

The mod (i refer to it as "the mod" because it sucks my life force since June 2016 and, by now, has it's own consciousness) adds to Brazil
+90 focii focus tree with
-in-depth industrial development
-massive bonus and massive hinders for development. No longer an easy play, as have been previous versions of the mod
-specific choice of military, industrial, political and diplomatic choices
(which grants you the ability to mold your gamestyle INTO the Focus, not the reverse ( as has paradox done in her German and American Focus Trees) )
-great complexity and flexibility for choices
It's no longer about reading, chosing the best and waiting 70 days. Some focii are crucial to the game's progression and others are only effective within certain time period. One will have to strategize the order of selection of focii based in time and urgency (or just click anything, your choice)
-Tons of effects to explore and take into account
+30 new militrary leaders
+All with thought-trought traits and skills
+7 Brand New political leaders
Building Brasília
Custom names for technologies and equipment of all sorts
Custom manufacturers
Restore the Brazilian Empire with D. Pedro III
+700 new names for Naval Vessels and Fleets
+Oh, you though i was going to say Icons, didn't you
+50 new ideas
Reworked map of the world, with +9 Urban regions visible from ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_w15H6Giqoo )
Some Flags, whatever
They are really loud
All historical and made for your enjoyment

Guys, seriously, you will never know how fun it is to play as another nation but for the majors if you never try. I'm just trying to make it more enjoyable, and maybe show you some of glorious brasil history,
a good type of Cultural enrichment (whithout the♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥part, that's not cool)
Jokes aside, just give it a chance. Eventually one has to get bored to go around maginot 500x. When you do so, just genocide the argies. I bet it'll be fun.
So, if you want to give it a try, just smash that mf subscribe button and enjoy what Brazil has to offer.

Thanks for your time,

Best Regards, VFacure


I really appreciate all the support i've been getting since June 2016 on ModDb and since Jan 17 on Steam. You guys are awesome and i really would not have wanted to keep on uptaing this mod if it where not for you guys
So, feel free to create topics, use the forum and comment. Also add me on Steam if so.

Glória ao Brasil, Senhores.
Um abraço, VFacure
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VFacure  [author] 1 hour ago 
À partir destas constantes, calculei como a produção atual anual da Federação se traduziria no jogo. Não é um cálculo apropriado, uma vez não hão suficientes dados para simular a produção da época, apesar de que tenha certeza que era muito menor do que a representada por mim. Para a borracha fui muito generoso, ao meu ver. Com o Mod instalado apenas, os 402 de Borracha na Amazônia correspondem à 50% da produção mundial do Vanilla.

Por fim, agradeço o comentário. Apesar de muito discordar-mos, faço gosto por responder-lhe, apresentar meus contraargumentos e me dispondo sempre para quaisquiser outras críticas.

VFacure  [author] 1 hour ago 
@rafaeltrevisanlisboa Olha brother, você tem o total direito de comentar, mas me reservo o de responder-lhe:

" Consertar" os Estados jamais foi a minha intenção. Dissertei sobre este tópico nas "Discussões Populares". É evidente que, apesar da justificativa, atém-se ao direito de reclamar, mas faço gosto por deixar bem claro por que preferi não tocar na constituição dos ditos estados.

Quanto aos recursos, jullgo que fui um bocado generoso, principalmente dada à natureza profunda dos metais encontrados em território nacional e ao fato de que 80% das reservas nacionais de petróleo estão dispostas na costa, cuja tecnologia necessária para extração não ainda tinha sido inventada. Para atribuir aos estados tais recursos, comparei aos que os EUA produzia dentro do jogo ao que produzem hoje. [...]
VFacure  [author] 1 hour ago 
@Cascavél Poderia montar um evento para, no caso de uma guerra civil no Brasa, se os States tiverem concluido o Foco e o Brasa alguma parte da sua árvore política, que a guerra acabe instantaneamente, sob escolha do jogador obviamente. Sobre a sugestão, portanto, fa-lo-ei de implementa-la.
VFacure  [author] 1 hour ago 
@LuanGameXSDS Optei por inserir um boost passivo à partir do "Estado Novo". Inclusive, tentei deletar todos os Ministros Ideológicos, mas aparentemente a programação deles é inerente ao código.
rafaeltrevisanlisboa 13 hours ago 
ba o meu vai me desculpar, a parte dos focos nacionais eh super boa mas os estados nao foram concertados e os recursos estao piores ainda, tem literalmente so 150 e pocos de borracha e so.
NiaziGamer Feb 18 @ 1:33pm 
@VFacure você poderia fazer este mod ser compatível com o mod do Beautiful States?
Ramme Feb 18 @ 11:34am 
Seria bacana se fosse compatível com o Black Ice! O que acham?
Cascavél Feb 18 @ 11:32am 
faz um Foco Nacional para eliminar o efeito da Black Chamber Operation no Brasil, pra não deixar acontecer a guerra civil, jogando esse efeito para uma outra nação ou eliminando o efeito mesmo...
Antonio Feb 17 @ 7:58pm 
que honra cara, fico feliz de ter ajudado
VFacure  [author] Feb 17 @ 4:15pm 
@Antonio Rapaz, eu fiquei pensando nessa proposta e tive a idéia de adicionar 13 focos novos e dar uma rebalanceada na árvore. A sua idéia será inclusa no novo update. Agradeço a Sugestão!