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Sophie's Faction Mods
This is a collection of my faction mods that I made around late 2016 to early 2017.
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Created by Ivy
In this mod, you are butter.
Check out my other mods, too. They're also good.

Butter faction has some pretty good stuff: including high fire rate miniguns, a pee shotgun, 2.5x durability armor (Terran strength) and other goodies. They're not weak, but ...
Created by Ivy
A "glass cannon" type of faction, they only use lasers. Fast regrow time and fast shield regens but weak armor. Odd, wonky shapes, too. Good luck....
Created by Ivy
Weapons revolve around spread: be careful around them. Luckily they only fight back.....
Created by Ivy
If you enjoy playing the Reds, you'll enjoy this.
They have extremely high fire rates (which equals good DPS) and very weak hull that grows back very fast.
Essentially they're a sugar-glass cannon. It's basically playing Reds on crack. They have v...
Created by Ivy
A slower faction overall.
Has very strong armor class, slow, yet high damage weaponry, and cells that can store either R or power. They don't move as fast as the other factions, but their weapons are turreted, so that they don't have to turn around to fig...
Created by Ivy
I had less than 20 minutes to make this, it's just the Flies on every drug ever.
They aren't playable, they're there to annoy the hell out of any and all who may come across them. They have a 300 r/ps weapon..

as usual, i made it from scratch: no expor...
Created by Ivy
A relaxingly coloured faction. Has lots of cannons, and only one laser. Average durability hull, but has shields. Good thrusters, as well. I added a curved theme to the default ships, and it looks pretty good. These aren't really glass cannons but they're ...
Fire & Rose, 2 for the price of 1!
Created by Ivy
It's a two-for-one deal..

This mod adds two factions into your game: Fire and Rose

The Fire faction is pretty neat. They've got weapons of different classes, for instance, you could make ships for specific purposes. Shotgunners, snipers, that sort of...
Created by Ivy
***WARNING!!!! This is NOT a playable faction. It is intended to provide a very challenging enemy to conquer.**

Copper is a mod I've been keeping away from release for a while. Originally it was supposed to be part of the 20-faction mod which I never go...
Created by Ivy
A fiery faction! Uses a lot of bizarre weaponry. Be creative with how you design your ships. This is the tenth mod that I've made and the eleventh faction overall. Feels good to be back in business! The Sun has three tiers of rapid fire rocket launcher, an...
Created by Ivy
This mod adds a new faction: the Mega. Mega are a race of advanced slug people, and have developed a lot of strange weaponry. The idea behind this is that the faction comes with a lot of weapon variety. I would say the most similar faction in the default g...