Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Improved Content Manager
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Dec 8, 2016 @ 8:41am
Jun 17 @ 10:02am
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Improved Content Manager

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Enhanced mods and assets panels

This mod replaces two existing mods: Improved Assets Panel and Improved Mods Panel. It's compatible with all other mods as far as I know (including Less Steam by @thale5 which I highly recommend).

Colossal Order completely rewrote Content Manager in version 1.6.0 and I had to rewrite the mod almost from scratch, hence the merge of the two mods.

At this moment if features the following:
- Mods and assets are sorted by name by default
- Ascending/descending sorting for mods and assets
- Additional sorting modes: by active state, by subscribe date, by update date, by location
- Assets sorting (asc./desc.)
- Assets filtering by Steam tag
- Assets counters
- 'Enable All' and 'Disable All' buttons are now applied only to currently filtered assets/mods

Possible future features (no ETA ATM):
- Additional sorting modes for all Content Manager tabs (map themes, saves, etc.)
- Compact mods panel layout
- Compact assets panel layout
- Unsubscribe All buttons for mods and assets
- Hiding of assets that come with mods (like NExt road pillars)

Latest update:
UPDATE 4 (6/17/2017)
Fixed: Updated for 1.7 (new tag types)

This mod uses awesome detours C# library[] by cope. Without it, this mod would've been impossible to make.

Feel free to comment.

GitHub link[]

Note: if you have any errors/exceptions, please, don't paste them or output_log.txt into comments. Use pastebin, dropbox or whatever.

If you like this mod and/or want to support me you can donate here:
You don't have a PayPal account? You can use link in 'Don't have a PayPal account?' section at the bottom of donation page to donate using your credit card information.
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Primar13 Jun 21 @ 1:04pm 
Any Chance we can get an option to Add/Remove Assets from a Style Pack in Bulk?

Checkboxes next to the Assets, and then an Add/Remove All feature?
Gun155 Jun 18 @ 5:56am 
Many Thanks for keeping your mods up to date.
BloodyPenguin  [author] Jun 17 @ 10:04am 
UPDATE 4 (6/17/2017)
Fixed: Updated for 1.7 (new tag types)

@Azaleh Missed your message back then, I sent you a friend request :)
Azaleh Jun 3 @ 4:30am 
@BloodyPenguin, i've sent you a friend request, please add me, it's not to bother you i'd just like to give you a (very little) gift as a thanks for your work. You'll delete me after if you want.
BloodyPenguin  [author] May 28 @ 1:20am 
@DaMuncha You better post that quesion on reddit. THis mod's page is a place where you most likely will never get an answer
DaMuncha May 27 @ 9:44pm 
I subscribed to a few of penquins mods, and my city started rapidly loosing money, I dont kno why, and my frame rate was killign my game. I turned off the public transport mod and my frame rate came back, but my city is still rapidly loosing money, I lost 2 million in 30 mins and I dont know what is causing it.
BloodyPenguin  [author] May 26 @ 4:04pm 
@Sarawr It features sorting by enabled state. Just set that sort order and change direction so that disabled items come first
Sarawr May 26 @ 2:54pm 
Is there a way to filter disabled ones out, sometimes I forget to enable an asset and having to go through a long list (if you forget its name) is annoying :(
Federex May 22 @ 10:07am 
Hey! Great mod-helper! A suggestion, as I haven't seen it yet, maybe also add an option to filter Favorites too (in the possible features). Thank you for the great mods, coming back for Mass Transit and loving it!
BloodyPenguin  [author] May 19 @ 4:30pm 
@BillyShabindigo Yes, it is
@Tamer Only chosen type. i.e. it disables currently visible assets, unlike vanilla.