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Infinite Goods
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Jul 16, 2016 @ 4:30am
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Infinite Goods

Commercial and industry buildings have infinite goods. Works with Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit.

What it does
This mod gives you several options to make your resource management alot easier. By default, this mod will remove the need for any industry in your city, as all commercial buildings have infinite goods. This will drastically reduce traffic in your city. You can also configure the mod to apply the same effect to industrial buildings. For instance this allows you to build a city without having to build oil industry, and yet your generic industry won't complain!

You can configure the mod to your liking. If you want a city without any farming and forestry, you can toggle the Food and Lumber boxes and your generic industry will have infinite Food and Lumber.

Important: If you enable this mod for a resource (Lumber, Oil etc.) that you have industry buildings producing, the buildings will try to export all of its products. This will most likely cause the industry to be abandoned because there aren't enough buyers.

What it does not
  • The mod doesn't do anything (directly) with the spawn rate of cargo trucks. Some trucks will spawn and try to deliver goods (although a lot less than before).
  • Your cims will still need a place to work and thus there still will be a demand for industry/offices.

Compatible mods
This mod is designed in such a way that it is very unlikely that any mods is and ever will be incompatible with this one. I've tested the mod with the most popular mods without any issues.

  • If you think the mod isn't working: Go to the options menu in game and check if you can find a tab saying "Infinite Goods". If it's not there, check that you've enabled the mod in the Content Manager. If it's there, look at the checkboxes to see if the options are correct.
  • If the mod is not showing up in the Content Manager in game: Try unsubscribe and resubscribe.
  • If you get an error saying something about an XML file. Look up the file in your file explorer and delete the InfiniteGoodsConfig.xml file (this will reset your settings).

This mod can safely be enabled and disabled at any time!

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ferdswa 17 hours ago 
The easiest way to break your game.
Googen  [author] May 26 @ 7:59am 
@IndustrialDonut Play the game how you want to. Of course this mod removes a large aspect of the gameplay, but not everyone enjoys the industry part of this game.
IndustrialDonut May 25 @ 7:11pm 
lol isn't this literally just cheating
Googen  [author] May 24 @ 7:32am 
Check out this guide:
Also check here for a list of mods and their status after the Mass Transit update:
googen, do you know how to track down which mods in question cause issues? is there any method whatsoever? Or do I have to restart my game like 400 times just to test out everything?
Googen  [author] May 23 @ 3:00pm 
This mod is working as intended. If you're having any issues, it's likely caused by another mod. If you think there's an incompatability with another mod, please state the mod in question and describe the problems you're experiencing in detail. Thanks :)
that's what the other guy said, but his mod is still incompatible with some users.
Googen  [author] May 19 @ 12:37am 
Works fine with Mass Transit :)
BillyShabindigo May 18 @ 6:47pm 
Compatible with Mass Transit?
Carbon May 18 @ 3:42pm 
Is the mod updated for Mass Transit?