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Bashmod 2.0 (German Focus Tree)
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Jun 19, 2016 @ 9:52am
Jul 11 @ 9:56am
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Bashmod 2.0 (German Focus Tree)

This is a mod especially for Germany, which primaly adds some new historical and some a-historical national focusses to the german focus tree. There had been also made some small balance changes to the classical german focusses. The mod is available in english and german language (Thanks to justcheat67 for the german translation!).

1. Adds more and realistic options, to give the player more attractive aims throughout the whole german campaign.

2. More possibilities to spent the enormous amount of political power on. Some focusses are faster to reach, but often cost extra power. Others need a long time (and extra power), but give good bonuses.

3. Many bonuses make it easier to reach realistic research levels and war stances.

FOCUS-BONUSES (since Version 1):
- Make the USSR capitulate, if you arive at the Archangelsk-Astrakhan-Line ("Fall of the USSR")
- Annex provinces and get cores ("Claim Alsace-Lorraine", "Annex Luxembourg", "Integrate Switzerland", "Heim ins Reich" (Westpoland) and in the lategame "Germanization of the Dutch")
- Get research bonusses ("Air Battle for England", "Operation Seelöwe")
- War goals ("Operation Tannenbaum")
- Fortresses ("The Atlantic Wall")
- Get army or air force experience (After annexing soviet territory)
- Ideas ("Volkswagen für alle")
- Kick specific allies out of the axis faction (Baltics, Balkans, Scandinavia, Italy, Japan, China, the Middle East, Southamercia) or dismantle the whole faction

NEW FOCUS-BONUSES (since Version 2 -> released on 25.09.16):
- Annex provinces ("Claim the Panama Canal")
- Get research bonuses ("ENIGMA", "Blitzkrieg Theory", "Zuse Computing Machines", "Nibelungenwerk", "Organisation Todt", "Afrikakorps", "War with USSR", "War with the USA", "Anti-Air preparations", "Operation Paukenschlag", "Mining project")
- War goals ("Secure the Balkans", "War with UK", "War with the USA")
- Improve relations ("Secure the Balkans", "Support Iraque and Iran")
- Get Building structures ("Anti-Air preparations", "Nibelungenwerk")
- Get army experience (When finishing Operation-fucuses)
- Ideas ("Osttruppen")
- Changed standard focusses (Because of the increasing number of focuses, the time to reach some focuses has been lowered. "War with the USSR" now gives support infantry research bonuses and the "Trade Interdiction"-focus gives two research bonuses.)

The Mod only changes the data for german focuses, the continuous focuses, the german ideas, the focus texts and the idea texts. So it should be possible to combine this mod with all mods, that do not change the mentioned data.
The Mod works with the new Patch 1.4.1 (11.07.2017, 19:00).

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RaengelDaengelDoedel  [author] Sep 1 @ 9:51am 
I won't be able to update this Mod in the next time. Can't tell when this will change.
peteraburke56 Aug 31 @ 10:11am 
When will this be upgraded for the uplift in Oak status?
SalzStange Aug 8 @ 12:22pm 
The germanisation of the dutch is still bugged. Even if you took over the netherlands you can not make it.
Tenzhi666 Jul 19 @ 9:36pm 
why japan can´t declare war to soviet union?
Senthensis Jul 12 @ 2:02pm 

This mods still cause changing national spirits of commonwealth countrys to be random named.
I got polish version of game, but bug appears on both languages: english and polish.
Cr4nKiTuP Jul 9 @ 1:08pm 
update plz
fight fow Jun 29 @ 10:29pm 
Hello RaengelDaengelDoedel, I really like your mod and it's awesome! I am an English-Chinese translator, and I have translated nearly 40 mods to Chinese version. So far, there are nearly ten thousand people in China use my localization mod, and If you don't mind, I would like to translate your mod into Chinese version so more Chinese players can enjoy your mod.I will never use it for personal profit, the mod will be free to download without any ads.
Hope to get your permission
foxhound21 Jun 26 @ 6:40am 
If you ever want it to be translated in French Raengel
RaengelDaengelDoedel  [author] Jun 18 @ 10:08am 
I now just changed the version number. As I've sad, I have no time to check for bugs in detail. @Salzstange and the others: Plz write a detailed analysis of your problems on the "Feedback"-board.
RaengelDaengelDoedel  [author] Jun 18 @ 9:44am 
Actually, i have no time for updates, but 'Il have a look at it as soon as possible.