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Hail Columbia: A Collection For People Who Like Brass Too Much
This is a collection of little mods made to give the game a more old-fashioned feeling. It is largely based upon Victorian and early 20th-century material, but I'm planning on being goofy and adding some even older old-fashioned stuff into the mix here soon. I've been doing portrait work, but boris.von.sosin created the marvelous ironclad ships!
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Hail, Columbia! American Names
Created by Ofaloaf
This mod adds in a 'Columbian' nameset, which is more old-timey American rather than anything modern. 'Columbian' is further broken down into 'Yankee', 'Dixie' and 'Western'-themed namesets, giving you plausibly old-fashioned Northerner names like "Endicot...
Rule, Britannia! British names
Created by Ofaloaf
This mod adds in a more, uh, 'stereotypical' British nameset.

Character names are split into four groups: 'Posh' English (fancy aristocratic names), 'Radical' English (Puritans), Scottish and Irish (partially in Anglicized forms).

Ship names are pa...
Hail, Columbia! Old Human Clothing
Created by Ofaloaf
This mod overwrites basic human clothes to an assortment of 19th-century (and a little early 20th century) clothing. Clothes are pretty much the same as the standalone American clothes set elsewhere in the Hail Columbia collection, but slightly trimmed dow...
Hail Columbia! Standalone American portraits
Created by Ofaloaf
This mod adds in a standalone 'Columbian' or 'American' species appearance for Stellaris, largely based upon late Gilded Age Americana. Hairstyles including John Brown's beard, Martin van Buren's mutton chops, and Andrew Jackson's hairdo have been added fo...
Vive la France! Standalone French portraits
Created by Ofaloaf
This mod adds in a French species class, a French species and a French nameset. Clothes and names are focused on the Third Republic, but there's a few ship names from the Ancien Régime thrown in too....
Deutschlandlied- 3 German Portrait Sets
Created by Ofaloaf
This mod adds in 3 German portrait sets in their own 'German' species class. These sets include portraits meant to roughly emulate Imperial Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Renaissance-era Holy Roman Empire.

This pack also includes 3 German namelists, m...
Rule Britannia! Standalone British Portraits
Created by Ofaloaf
This mod adds in a "British" appearance set, separate from humans, which can be found under the Mammalian section. Both clothes and hair have been changed from vanilla humans, and are meant to create a Victorian-ish look for the species.

Don't post raci...
Rule, Britannia! Molluscoid clothes
Created by Ofaloaf
I know what you've been thinking. "Dang, it's fun to play as Space-Cthulhu. But why can't my species be more gaudy?" Worry no more! I have what you need.

This mod will replace all Molluscoid clothes with appropriate British counterparts....
Preussens Gloria! Avian clothes
Created by Ofaloaf
Due to overwhelming popular demand, I have made a mod that turns outfits for most Avian species into old German clothes.

Clothes are largely derived from Prussian and Imperial German portraits (Kaiser Bill is used for four of the costumes!), but there'...
Rinascimento! Clothes for Arthropoids
Created by Ofaloaf
"Wow Ofaloaf," you're probably saying, "those other outfit overwrites you made and which I easily downloaded from the 'Hail Columbia' collection are pretty cool, but you know what would really hit the spot? Some classic Renaissance fashion for my space-bug...
Vive la France! Mammalian clothing
Created by Ofaloaf
This mod overwrites all the outfits for Mammalians, giving them French clothing instead.

"Hey Ofaloaf," you might say during an awkward silence, "one time I wrote this really weird thing I posted on a fanfiction site about a crossover between Star Trek...
Fetih! Reptilian clothing
Created by Ofaloaf
This mod replaces Reptilian outfits with historical clothing from the Ottoman Empire & the old Orient.

Western European clothing is all well and good, but after a while all the brass buttons and epaulettes can get a little tiring, you know? Yeah, so I ...
Slava! Fungoid clothing
Created by Ofaloaf
This mod adds in Slavic (primarily Polish) clothes for Fungoid species.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why I settled on making Slavic clothes for Fungoids, but I did. Nearly all clothes are drawn from Polish portraiture, except for the ruler outfi...
A Boilerplate Robot Replacement
Created by Ofaloaf
This mod overwrites and replaces the vanilla robot graphics with Boilerplate, which is this rad Victorian robot character Paul Guinan created back in 2000.

Boilerplate in-game still uses the vanilla animations, although I'm not sure if I'm happy with t...
Hail Columbia! Clothes for Humanoids
Created by Ofaloaf
I looked at those humanoid elf-aliens and I started thinking they looked really foppish, like one of those old 18th century courtier dudes with the powdered wigs. Then I went "hey, why don't I give them powdered wigs?" And then I did. And then I got carrie...
Stellaris: Ironclads
Created by boris.van.sosin
Long ago, and far away, on the comment section of some mod, someone suggested making a set of ships that look like mid-19th century ironclads.
So that's it.
For now, I only made models for the military ships. The rest use mammalian models. If this catche...
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Kostroma Aug 3 @ 11:35pm 
I wish there was more Russian cosmetic mods :c
Doven_Doragon Sep 27, 2017 @ 9:09pm 
@Ofaloaf, is there any estimate for an update to work with 1.8? I love the work you've done to just leave it.
Ofaloaf  [author] Jun 26, 2017 @ 9:34pm 
Haha, that's excellent! Hell yeah I'll promote that.
boris.van.sosin Jun 26, 2017 @ 1:27pm 
@The ironclads thing:
Well, that took long, mainly because I was away from my steam account, but here it is: . If Ofaloaf approves, I will link to the mod itself.
Ofaloaf  [author] May 25, 2017 @ 2:21pm 
If you've managed to make models that work, I'd be happy to link it or promote it however. That sounds rad!
boris.van.sosin May 25, 2017 @ 9:50am 
@ofaloaf hey, a while ago, someone suggested making a mod with ironclads to go along with the "old American" portraits. I have been experimenting with this idea and I have some initial designs. Do you mind if I post some screenshots here?
bluex2 Mar 12, 2017 @ 4:49pm 
make hispaic stuff this is awsome
Nktalloth Mar 5, 2017 @ 8:26pm 
I can't believe this exists

I love you so much
Duder Mar 3, 2017 @ 11:18am 
Can you make a Soviet cloths set? please!